Friday, August 8, 2008

I thought I would share a photo taken at lunch with some of my friends. We all enjoyed a lovely lunch with lots of laughter and frivolity. I will miss everyone while I am away I hope they don't have too much fun. I also spent a wonderful day sewing at Julia's last Tuesday, this will be the last for awhile as we leave Monday 11th August and probably won't be home until December. We had an action packed day yesterday. We picked up the bus from storage and drove it to my son's to attached the trailer. We successfully loaded Jimny in the trailer, I was going to drive it on but bawked at the last minute. Big chicken, well after seeing my boys load cars on speedway trailers with my heart in my mouth is it any wonder? Anyway we finally took off for the drive home. We only did a few K's when Bill noticed smoke pouring out of the trailer. So we pulled off to the side of the road & called for assistance to the Bearing Company who had just done the bearings for us. The hub was practically fused on. After a hour or so we trundled off home. No more mishaps, after checking halfway home that the wheels weren't overheating, we arrived in the dark. Arriving home about 7pm. I am glad it happened then and not in the middle of nowhere. Well there is only 3 more sleeps and we are off. Have to pack the bus and get organised so probably won't write until we are on our way. Bye for now, will miss you all

love Jan


Julia said...

What a fun lunch that was!.
It has been such a pleasure meeting you and now in a few days time you and Bill are off on your adventure...I will miss you!
So glad you got the bus sorted out before you left...I will be watching your blog for lots of interesting posts.
Keep a crocheting Jan... hope to catch up when you get back in a few months time...take care.
Hugs Julia

Lurline's Place said...

Will miss you too - just take care!
Love - Lurline.