Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Crochet Hexagons

I have been busy doing my hexagons. I purchased some wool embroidery thread and it is so dainty & tiny that it is growing quite nicely. Since this picture was taken the little hexagons have doubled in size. This is the company I keep. Honestly I don't know what they will get up to next. Love the gear.

We went to see the Dark Knight today and it was truly a great movie. It lives up to all its expectations. Heath Ledger was great.
Bye for Now

Friday, July 25, 2008

Bills 60th Birthday in USA

Bill in restaurant in Houston

Bill's birthday coincided with our visit to the USA. On his birthday he arrived at breakfast to a room full of women to the tune of Happy Birthday Mr President. It made his day. That night the 7 plus 1 all went out to dinner in Houston to a German Restaurant because Bill fancied a Pork Knuckle. Now the meals over there are HUGE and I mean HUGE. This is the meal he was served for his 60th. I mean where is the rest of the beast? These photos are courtesy of my friend Lurline, the one who has a friend who is a fashion designer etc etc LOL. We had a fabulous night.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our last farewell to Troy

There is great sadness in our household at the moment. My granddaughter's pet horse who has been a constant and dear companion for her for several years passed away Tuesday morning. We had hoped that he would live to a ripe old age grazing in the paddock. It wasn't to be after spending a disturbing and harrowing night with the vet, he slipped away with his head cradled on her lap. Troy has been a part of our family for so long, it is going to be hard to imagine life without him. We are all devastated. Even his companion Cal (His stable mate & her other horse) is grieving. My thoughts and love are with her now. RIP Troy

Hi everyone, just a quick update to what's been happening in our world. The Trailer is almost finished. The bus is being serviced and we are nearly ready to rock 'n' roll. Had a lovely sewing day out with some wonderful friends yesterday. I am going to miss them all while I am away. After great pressure from a few we won't mention I have enclosed a photo of my crochet items, there are 3 rugs on the left is a shell pattern rug and on the right a tartan rug done in eagles colours,(although I shouldn't really admit to being a fan at the moment) The blue rug in front we have nicknamed the Lumpy rug. It has lots of texture which is what I wanted to put on the end of my bed. The hexagons are a new project, since this photo I have done 24 and I should start putting them together. I am also going to do the Babette blanket which is hugely popular at the moment. Well bye for now hope to have some more news soon.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I had a wonderful day at WAQA yesterday with friends and shopping for wool afterwards to add to our collection. This will be my last visit to the association as we anticipate leaving for our trip the second week in August. We are nearly ready, the trailer isn't finished yet but we have only a bit to do. We then have to spraypaint it silver to match the bus. I have been busy with my crochet, have a rug nearly finished and started on my hexagons yesterday. I plan to do my hexagons whilst I am travelling. I thought I might add a photo of us both so that you all can remember what we look like while we are away. This photo was taken in Memphis last November when we visited Graceland on our USA visit.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My first Posting

This is my first posting. We are on the countdown preparing for the big trip. We have had our motorhome for a few years but have only recently retired so we can now go off and do the grey nomad bit. Have been out shoppping and bulk buying some of the necessities we need for the trip. Visited spotlight on my way home and stocked up on some more wool. That's a necessity isn't it.