Sunday, February 28, 2010

Back in Belmont, Qld

I think I must have been a bit ambitious in saying that we would have the bus back by Wednesday, we finally were united late on Friday afternoon.  So instead of freeloading at the kids for one night we ended up spending 4 nights in total.  I think they were glad to see the back of us.  Apparently a cable was left off in Perth and after the part came up from Adelaide it was fitted and Bill assures me the bus is running even better now.  While we were away the park was invaded by a Caravan Club about 21 vans & one Motorhome from the Sunshine Coast had arrived for their monthly jaunt.  We managed to get ourselves invited to their Wine, Cheese and Trivia night, joining Patricia and John (the one Motorhome) at their table, and we won!!!!  Much to the jeers and Boo Hoos of the others, (in jest only)  the blow ins and motorhomers to be precise.  I beg your pardon.  Who Us!!!!! We only won because we quessed correctly that only Victoria could have a place called "Dented Head" We were the last table to leave, had to finish off some good wine and some liquer muscat, and it was still raining and we didn't want to get wet.  I think we trotted off to bed about 9.30 we had been there since 5pm.   No tea again!!!!! It rained all day yesterday but it was lovely and cool for a change, not like today, still showers but very humid.  I feel sympathy for all our friends and family in WA sweltering in their heat wave.  They have had temperatures in the high 40s for the past week.

This is a view of Brisbane CBD from Kangaroo Point.
They really utilise the Brisbane River, There are ferries to take you via the river to several vantage points on the river.  Kangaroo Point is a high density residential area directly opposite Brisbane CBD, only a short stint acroos the river on the River Cat.
Brisbane River from the other direction from Kangaroo Point.
While we were staying with family we visited another lovely favourite spot, Wellington Point.  There is a lovely Cafe there which has 360 degree water views  .We lunched there on two occasions, and we snapped these photos, again the photos don't really do it justice. 
This is the jetty at Wellington Point.

The tide is out but you can walk out a fair way
I have been feeling a little bit homesick since I have been back after going home at christmas so we haven't visited one of my other favourite spots very often as it reminds me too much of home.  That is Raby Bay in Cleveland.  A beautiful spot. Today we visited the markets at Chandler, they have some lovely fresh vegies and fruit and some very aromatic spices amongst other things.  Tomorrow is very exciting we are going to the mole scan clinic.  Wednesday we have booked to go on the "Rattler" through the Mary Valley.
Talk again soon

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We are Homeless

I am sorry we haven't got any photos for you all to preveiw but we left the cable for the camera in the bus.  Well that's my excuse anyway.  We had a pleasant few days at theCaravan Park in Wynnum and made the big move on Sunday into the bus & Coach factory in Woolongabba near the famous ground nicknamed "The Gabba" for obvious reasons.  The Gabba is where the Lions football team play and some of the cricket matches are also held there.  Lots of one way streets, let me tell you.  We spent the night outside there, it was in an industrial area and unfortunately for us the rubbish collection was Monday AM.  About 4 am to be precise and I can tell you when they drop those bins full of steel, car parts etc into the truck its not really quiet.  We spent Monday and Tuesday with family and we will be reunited with the bus tomorrow at 6am.  We then have to drive over to Acacia Ridge so that she can have her gearbox serviced ready for another couple of months on the road.  Not sure where we are spending Wednesday night but we should be back in Belmont on Thursday.  We are planning on doing some Touristy things in the next month maybe take in a theme park and plan to do the "Red Rattler" which is a steam train ride throught the Mary Valley from Gympie to Imbil and return.  I think you visit a winery and stop for lunch anyway we will check it out and plan to do it soon. I even think there maybe some markets at Kadanga which is an old timber town.
Talk again soon

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day

Not a lot has been happening in the last few days.  Sunday we joined the family for a lovely cooked Brekkie and afterwards DIL Fiona and I went to the movies at Capalaba and went to see Valentine's Day.  It was a typical chick flick but I rather enjoyed it and managed to have a good Laugh.
The weather has been quite different the last few days, yesterday it was so humid I felt that I was constantly bathed in perspiration all day.  Now last night and today it has been raining in fact quite a few places in Brisbane are flooded.  We are lucky we are on high ground otherwise we might float away. LOL.  Thursday we will move out of this park for a week as part of the deal in staying here is that you stay a month then moved out for a week and so on.  The caravan park is quite close just down the road in Tingapala, I think that how its spelt. Monday we are taking the bus into Brisbane so that we can have the hinges on the bins underneath repaired and on Wednesday we are having the gearbox serviced. She should be OK for a couple of more klms hopefully.
Talk again soon

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lunch at the Gold Coast

This is only a short blog today.  We spent a very pleasant day in the company of two lovely people.  We had lunch at Burleigh Heads Tavern and the food was great.  We discussed today when we first met up with Noelene and Ken, we think it must be at least 6 years ago.  They were travelling around Oz and joined in with our local CMCA chapter meeting in of all places a small town called Greenbushes in the South West of WA.  It used to be a mining town, but I'm not sure if it still is or not.  Whenever we are over here in Queensland we try and catch up with each other.  Ken has spent the last couple of years building his new bus and it is now completed.  It is presently in Tasmania and they are flying back over there on Sunday. They hope to spend some time travelling over there.  We wish them Happy travels and we hope to catch up with them on the road again someday.

By the way I forgot to mention that we babysat the grandies last weekend while their parents had a well deserved break.  We made fairy star cookies and I also overlocked the prayer cloths for Finn's class.  They were very well behaved and we loved spending time with them.  On Wednesday we joined the family for dinner and I was presented with a lovely thank you note signed by all the class I felt quite overwhelmed and I will treasure it forever.
My Award

Talk again soon

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brisbane Qld

It has been so long since I last entered into blogland that I have almost forgotten how to do it.   LOL. 

This is what I have left behind
 We spent a memorable if not hectic 5 weeks at home in WA.  Catching up with family, dear friends and fellow CMCAers.  I was also blessed with spending two sewing days with fellow girlfriends I miss them already.   On the 19th January we arrived back in Qld and after spending lovely days with the kids we picked up the bus from Ipswich and moved her to her new home in Belmont. 

Our view from our window
We have managed to secure a camping spot just 15kms from Brisbane and about 13klms from our Qld family.  We are joined by only one neighbour namely Shirley and Rod from Darwin. 

This is our home for the next couple of months

 We were able to spend the first day back at school for the little ones.  How they soon grow up.  
Here they are dressed for school in their uniforms
Last week we bit the bullet and had the carpet removed from the bus and replaced with strips of lino with a wood rain pattern.  The boys from All Transport Flooring did a wonderful job, i highly recommend them. What a transformation.  Much easier to manage and it looks great.  

The new flooring
We are driving to the Gold Coast tomorrow to catch up with fellow motorhomers and great friends.  Hello Noeleen & and Ken looking forward to spending time with you both. Today we visited the Information bureau to see what exciting places we can visit while we are here.
  Talk again soon