Thursday, June 30, 2011

Port Broughton and a funeral

Yesterday we travelled to Port Broughton with my cousins Maxine and John to attend the funeral of my Uncle Fred.  It was a beautiful day weatherwise and the funeral service was very touching.  On a different outlook I was able to meet many of my relations.  They were quite surprised to see me there as you could well imagine.  My father left South Australia when he was 24 and never returned, the uncle that passed away was only a young boy when he left and was now in his nineties.  My father would have been about 107 years old if he was still living.  There were over 64 immediate family so you could envision how many were there from other family and friends as he had spent most of his life in the area.  I also receive a bit of history from my cousins on the journey there and back.  The Cream Puff Corner which I often wondered how it received its name was because once upon a time in the past Cream Puffs were sold on this corner.  We are going to spend the night with our friends from Renmark in their Adelaide house tonight so I will leave it here and be in touch soon.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mt Lofty Summit

The information centre and Cafe at the summit
Another day visit was to Mt Lofty Summit which is 710 metres above sea level.  It was a beautiful day but the outlook was a bit misty but you could still experience panoramic views out over Adelaide, Kangaroo Island and the surrounds. 
Flinders Column
The Flinders Column which is featured in the photos is not a lighthouse but was built as an observation point for surveying. 
Looking out from the summit
The view on the way down

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Holdfast Shores and Hahndorf

Holdfast Shores Marina
HMAS Majestic Replica and Restaurant
Beach at Holdfast shores
We have been quite busy this week; with a return trip back up to Hahndorf and a drive over to Holdfast Bay at Glenelg.  We did return to Hahndorf and I did try the hot chocolate at Chocolate @ No 5 and believe me it was very delicious as well as the food we consumed at Otto’s Bakery next door.  We spent a couple of hours wandering through the village and into various museums.  Holdfast Bay is a very modern shopping and Restaurant overlooking the beach and overshadowed by a modern high rise luxury apartment building.  This was very similar to some of the Marina’s at home.  HMAS Buffalo Majestic a replica and restaurant is nestled on the water near lush green parks and walkways.  Of course there are still lots of things to see and do. 
 Chocolate @ No 5 in Hahndorf
 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf
Main Street in Hahndorf
A Motel in Hahndorf
A restaurant in Hahndorf
Found this old washing machine in a museum in Hahndorf could you imagine doing your weekly washing like this?
 We also had a nice dinner and get to know you evening with my cousin Maxine and her husband John in a local hotel.  Also unfortunately my Uncle Fred passed away on Friday and the funeral will be held on Wednesday at Port Broughton, we will be attending of course.  There is now only one sibling remaining in my father's family my Aunty Joyce is the last one left out of 13 children.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

St Kilda S.A. and Trams

  On Sunday we played tourist for the day and boarded the tram for a trip to St Kilda Beach 2kms south of the Tram Museum.  We rode in the lovingly restored 306 tram which in its former life, I believe used to travel the wires to St Kilda Beach. 

The Trams run every half hour to and fro and you can ride on different trams throughout the afternoon. 
 For a small entrance fee (which goes towards the restoration project) you can wander through various sheds to view horse driven trams and trolley buses and trams which have been reborn as beautiful restored vehicles by a team of dedicated people committed to this cause. 
Also various history books and memorabilia is available for purchase in the main museum along with detailed history writings outlining the various lives of the Trams and their service in South Australia. Giving an incitement into the past.
At St Kilda beach is an adventure playground consisting of long slides, flying foxes, wooden fortresses and swings there is even a shipwrecked pirate ship available for climbing and play acting the imaginative life on the sea.
 A great place for the family to while away the pleasurably hours of a weekend with perhaps an added picnic basket to enhance the experience or you can enjoy fish and chips from the kiosk.

These white traces on the foliage alongside the beach are an example of the foam which washes ashore every day  almost representing snow if you don’t look too close.
I assure you it has been cold but not that cold in fact I find it is warmer here than inland, even with the 114 knot winds we experienced on Monday night.
Well here comes the Tram which will return us back home to the bus so another day has ended in our adventures and another day closer to when we will be arriving home.
Will talk again soon

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Woodside Hotel
Our next day trip on our to-do list was to visit Hahndorf village which is nestled in the Adelaide Hills just 25 minutes from the city.  The pamphlet states” that Hahndorf is the living window to its Germanic colonial heritage; Hahndorf is a relaxing place and a haven of colour all year round.  A place where famous artists have lived and, today a place where dozens of gourmet food outlets, galleries and quirky shops – many housed in charming settler’s cottages dating back to the 1940’s.” It was very true to its words, from the famous mettwurst sausages to their modern bakeries and galleries of jewellery, clocks and woollen products it was a shopaholic’s dream.  With tastings of their famous fudges and boosted by a kransky with  sauerkraut and mustard and homemade icecream we were unable to enjoy the delicious offerings at Chocolat No 5, so it was decided we would come back again and start our venture from the other end of the village.   From here we took the scenic trip back to Adelaide taking in the scenery from Hahndorf to Bridwood via Mt Torrens.  Somewhere along the way we called into The Olde Apple Shed in the Onkaparinga Valley Road in Balhannah to buy an apple pie. 
Melba's Chocolate Factory
 In Woodside at the heritage Park we tasted the lovely cheeses from the Woodside Cheese Wrights Cheese Cellar and admired all the confectionery at Melba’s Chocolate Factory.
Inside Melbas
  This was a wall to wall sugar fix for the lolly lovers and it showcased chocolates such as Cow Pats (Almost puts you off chocolate doesn’t it) and sheeps nuts. 
 I saw many big kids leaving loaded with bags of sugary goodies. 
Birdwood primary School
 On to Birdwood where the National Motor Museum is housed and we espied the Birdwood primary School, I could just imagine attending school in this heritage building. 
Blumberg Hotel
The Peerless Flour Mill and Blumberg Hotel deserved a photo shot also.
Peerless Roller Mills
  Then down through picturesque winding roads towards Gumeracha where we found The Toy Factory which also boasts a 7 acre animal nature park and cafe.
The Giant Rocking Horse
This 25 year old business is home to the world’s biggest rocking horse, which proudly stands prominently in the entrance to the car park.  On Sunday we played tourist at the Tram Museum, but I will write about that later.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Barossa Valley

Situated between Grote and Gouger streets is the Adelaide Central Market and ChinaTown in the centre of the city’s square mile.  Around this market , in arcades, plazas and laneways you will find an array of fruit and vegetables, Chocolate, Breads, Cakes, Cheeses, Nuts and dried fruits, poultry, seafood and of course the German sausages and butchers.  It is truly a gourmet’s delight, and most of the fresh fruit and vegetables are grown within an hour’s drive from the market.  We spent most of yesterday in this market enjoying the great food and admiring the market stalls.   The aromas were very delectable.  Today we visited the Barossa and after a quick drive around Gawler, our first stop was on the Sturt Hwy and it was to visit a friend who owns a stock feed mill in the area.  To those who may not realise the Barossa Valley is one of the world’s great wine regions where a rich European heritage lives on.  The rolling hills of the Barossa Ranges overlook a colourful patchwork of vineyards and picture book villages.
The Wheat Store Brewery in Greenock
Next was Greenock and a visit to the Wheat Store Brewery, a small boutique brewery and then on to Nuriootpa (which is the aboriginal word for “meeting place”).  We probably went the long way round but we drove over to Angaston and again to the Angas Park Shop, if you remember we visited their sister shop in Mildura a few weeks ago.  Here we found a few brochures so that we could work out some sort of program.  Halfway between Nuriootpa and Angaston was the Barossa Valley Quilt shop where I managed to purchase some material depicting the Holden cars in Australia.  I can envision a quilt on Australia and possibly the places we have been coming up. 
The Wolf Blass Winery
  Back through Nuriootpa and again up the Sturt Hwy we visited the Wolf Blass Winery and then back towards Tanunda to the Penfolds Winery, both are outstanding wineries and I am pleased to note for future reference that Wolf Blass have a lovely tasting Moscato, which seems to be my flavour of the month.
Wolf Blass Winery
Up the road a short way and we called into Maggie Beer’s Farm Store and Pheasant Farm.  This was packed full of her products and tastings were available. 
Cooking up a storm in Maggie's kitchen
We were just in time for a cooking demonstration, and this was held in a replica of her kitchen studio from which she filmed her segments for the TV.  Unfortunately Maggie didn’t do the cooking demonstration  but the demonstrator was very informative and the food tasted very nice.  A quick bite in the Tanunda bakery and then up towards Rowland Flats to the Jacob Creek Winery. 
The Jacob Creek Winery
 The view from inside the winery
Then it was off to Freeling to visit the town where some of the TV show McLeod’s Daughters was filmed. 

The Gungellan Truck Stop and Gungellan Hotel that featured in the segment are still there plus many other significant heritage buildings including the Eudunda Farmers building and old State Bank. 

 I must apologise to everyone, we are very close to Adelaide but because we are in the Tram Museum and next to a very large tin shed and because of all the wires around our internet connection is not very strong, so we haven't been able to use skype or send many messages.  I also have a lot of trouble uploading photos to this site so please bear with us we will move on in about 2 weeks.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Reisling Trail

The Reisling Trail is from Auburn to Watervale 9km, Watervale to Sevenhill 9km and Sevenhill to Clare 7km. Among the things we chose to do around Clare was to drive over to Mintaro which was established in 1849 and is now part of a state heritage area.

Here you will discover stone churches, cottage gardens, an antique shop (where CJ Dennis, the poet spent most of his childhood), a ruined flour mill, the Magpie and Stump Hotel, the Mintaro Maze and not far out of town is Martindale Hall (this was used as the ladies college featured in the 1975 film “Picnic at Hanging Rock”).  This opulent Georgian hall has a self guided tour that will give you a glimpse into the lifestyle of the state’s wealthy gentry.  

In Mintaro they have managed to maintain the old Blue-stone buildings and the essence of rural life.  From there we drove over to Auburn, where again lovely restored blue-stone buildings still reign,  although no longer used as in their previous life they have been revitalised into B & B’s, restaurants, gourmet coffee shops, antique shops and the like.  This is the birthplace of CJ Dennis over 120 years ago.  Last but not least on the agenda was a visit to the oldest winery

Sevenhill Cellars was established by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in 1851 to produce sacramental wine and still does to this day and it is also one of the oldest wineries and vineyards in Clare Valley.

 Sevenhill Cellars are also highly regarded for their premium table wines.  It is the only remaining Jesuit owned winery in Australia. 

Sevenhill's celebrated old stone winery and cellar door, stately St Aloysius' Church, the College building, spacious gardens and the surrounding vineyards provide visitors with a memorable experience of a welcoming and tranquil place.

 Inside the cellar doors were barrels and barrels of wine and we were able to wander through their cellars and the attached museum.  They even stock cake made in the New Norcia Bakery in W.A. 

 We topped off our trip in the Clare Valley with a meal at the Taminga Hotel.  We left Clare yesterday, for a trip to Adelaide.  We were going to spend the night at Mallila, but after a phone call from friends already in Adelaide we decided to go directly into St Kilda about 10kms from Adelaide.  We have sent up camp inside the Tram Museum and will spend about 10 days here visiting Adelaide and the surrounds.