Thursday, June 30, 2011

Port Broughton and a funeral

Yesterday we travelled to Port Broughton with my cousins Maxine and John to attend the funeral of my Uncle Fred.  It was a beautiful day weatherwise and the funeral service was very touching.  On a different outlook I was able to meet many of my relations.  They were quite surprised to see me there as you could well imagine.  My father left South Australia when he was 24 and never returned, the uncle that passed away was only a young boy when he left and was now in his nineties.  My father would have been about 107 years old if he was still living.  There were over 64 immediate family so you could envision how many were there from other family and friends as he had spent most of his life in the area.  I also receive a bit of history from my cousins on the journey there and back.  The Cream Puff Corner which I often wondered how it received its name was because once upon a time in the past Cream Puffs were sold on this corner.  We are going to spend the night with our friends from Renmark in their Adelaide house tonight so I will leave it here and be in touch soon.

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