Thursday, June 9, 2011

More of Burra SA

 Burra Railway Station1883.  This is in the process of being restored It still had the original Water Tank and Pump.

Burra Uniting Church. 1914.  This was the site of the original Kooringa Westleyan church, first church in Burra. 

This is a replica of a Blacksmiths shop in the Bon Accord Mine Museum 1859

Miners Dugout's 1850.  There was an acute shortage of housing so the miner's provided their own housing by digging into the soft clay banks of the Burra Creek.In 1951 about 1,800 people in a total population of 4,400 lived in nearly 600 of these dugouts. 

Kooringa Hotel 1884.  We had a nice lunch here.  A $10 special and the food was delicious.

Morphetts Enginehouse Museum 1858.  This was a very interesting site to visit.  There is an replica model housed inside showing all the workings. 

This is a powder Magazine 1847. This building is one of the oldest remaining mine buildings in Australia.  It was used to store gunpowder for blasting of the ore from the rock faces of the mine.  This is in the Burra Mine complex where there is a great selection of historical sites, well worth a visit.  You could spend hours here.
Police Lockup and Stables 1847.  Erected at the rear of the Police Station the cells were used as a temporary gaol until the Redruth Gaol was completed in 1976. 
 Redruth Gaol was erected in 1856 and was the first gaol in SA outside of Adelaide.  It was closed and then renovated and then reopened as a Girl's Reformatory in 1897 and closed in 1922.  It was interesting to know that it was later used as a private residence for a number of years and a B & S ball was also held there.  It is now in the care of the National Trust.
 The Unicorn Brewery Cellars was built in 1873.  There was a myriad of  tunnels which originally held barrels underground.  Another site well worth a visit.
This old sewing machine was in Malowen Lowarth Cottage which was furnished in the style of the mining era mine captain's residence.

There were lots more places to see in this little town which is steeped in history.  It is wonderful to see our history restored so beautifully as many of our past buildings in Australia are demolished and the history is lost forever.  We took over 290 photos in this town, that shows how interesting it is.  But this is all of the photos I am going to show you, you will just have to come and visit and see for yourself.

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