Monday, June 6, 2011

Morgan and Waikerie SA

Camped at Campsite 183 in Camps 6 (Morgan Rest Area No 1)
We arrived at our roadside camp near Morgan about lunchtime.  Kay and Lance from the Rats Nest joined us for the night. 
Relaxing around the fire.  I seem to be always in this pink jumper whenever a picture is taken.
The usual campfire was lit and we spent most of the day and night keeping warm around the fire.  We threw a couple of spuds wrapped in alfoil into the coals and enjoyed them with our evening meal. 
This is what I call a campfire
It wasn’t long before the rain started, although not heavily but we still managed to sit until about 10 o’clock by the fire under the Gazebo that was thoughtfully provided by the shire.  After a leisurely breakfast again by the fire (the rain stopped early morning) we parted ways as they were going to Barmera and we headed off to Morgan.  We parked just outside Morgan in another roadside camp and unloaded the car and drove over to Waikerie for a visit.  At Cadell we had to drive on to a ferry to go across the river, a very popular way of life on the Murray. 
Waiting at the Boat Ramp for the Ferry to come across
Quite a unique experience although not altogether new to us as we have crossed the rivers in NSW using the same method of passage.  Cadell is 176 kms NE from Adelaide and 12 kms East of Morgan in a rich citrus growing area. 
The Murray River Queen now a cafe
A quick visit to the Information centre in Waikerie and armed with the obligatory brochures we visited Illalangi Fine Wines and Olive Oils.  The owner was a lovely friendly lady and we participated in sampling a tasting plate of delicious pestos, jams, relishes, sauces, outback breads and Dukkahs.  Absolutely delicious and a must do when in the area.  They specialise in gift hampers but individual items are for sale also.
The Chocolate Cafe
Next came the Havenhand’s Chocolate Cafe, a true gourmet delight.  I ordered their special hot chocolate, which was made with 100g of pure Belgian chocolate and milk.  (I am really glad my Doctor doesn’t read my blog I would be in serious trouble!!!Big Time!!)  It was utterly decadent the chocolate just coated my mouth and I felt a delicious warm feeling as it slipped into the depths.  Ahhh!!!   We won’t mention the bellyache I had later or the heartburn either but it was worth it truly it was.  Waikerie is situated on the banks of the Magnificent River Murray, 175kms from Adelaide. 
The Ferry coming across the river
Then it was back down to Cadell and we crossed the river this time just across the river from Morgan.  The Waikerie Ferry is a free 24 hour service.
The original Wharf in Morgan
In Morgan we explored the Historical Wharf and Railway Station and browsed through Carmine’s Antique and Curio Shop. 
Carmine's Antiques
 Now this was a treasure, with lots of wares and curios from ceiling to floor.  You could spend a week in here and not see everything. 
Inside one of the rooms in the antique shop
 Check out this sideboard.  I wish I could fit it in my house.  Morgan is 163kms NE of Adelaide and is a historical town.  At the height of the paddle-steamer era, Morgan was the busiest inland Port in South Australia and has preserved its history with considerable flair. 
The Cliffs near Morgan

Across the water in Morgan
After a peaceful night’s sleep we drove down to Mallyons Bush Cafe, just off the Renmark-Morgan Highway they specialise in organic goodies..  I can recommend the pancakes they were huge and garnished with homemade organic jams and cream. I may leave that venture to my next blog page as this has proven to be getting quite a mouthful.
Talk again soon 

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