Thursday, June 23, 2011

St Kilda S.A. and Trams

  On Sunday we played tourist for the day and boarded the tram for a trip to St Kilda Beach 2kms south of the Tram Museum.  We rode in the lovingly restored 306 tram which in its former life, I believe used to travel the wires to St Kilda Beach. 

The Trams run every half hour to and fro and you can ride on different trams throughout the afternoon. 
 For a small entrance fee (which goes towards the restoration project) you can wander through various sheds to view horse driven trams and trolley buses and trams which have been reborn as beautiful restored vehicles by a team of dedicated people committed to this cause. 
Also various history books and memorabilia is available for purchase in the main museum along with detailed history writings outlining the various lives of the Trams and their service in South Australia. Giving an incitement into the past.
At St Kilda beach is an adventure playground consisting of long slides, flying foxes, wooden fortresses and swings there is even a shipwrecked pirate ship available for climbing and play acting the imaginative life on the sea.
 A great place for the family to while away the pleasurably hours of a weekend with perhaps an added picnic basket to enhance the experience or you can enjoy fish and chips from the kiosk.

These white traces on the foliage alongside the beach are an example of the foam which washes ashore every day  almost representing snow if you don’t look too close.
I assure you it has been cold but not that cold in fact I find it is warmer here than inland, even with the 114 knot winds we experienced on Monday night.
Well here comes the Tram which will return us back home to the bus so another day has ended in our adventures and another day closer to when we will be arriving home.
Will talk again soon

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