Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fraser Island Qld

The ferry ready to be loaded

We decided to do a tour of Fraser Island while we were here and yesterday was the day. We were picked up at 7.45am and set off by bus to Riverheads where the ferries leave from. On arriving on the Island we boarded a bus to take us on tour for the day. What a nightmare (for me a least) the tour bus is four wheel drive and it is extremely sandy so all day long we were bounced and jolted all over the place and we had the misfortune to be seated at the rear of the coach so we had the backflip as well. We didn't stop for lunch until 1.30pm so by that time my sugar levels were very low, I had a headache, felt very shaky and not so well and we were given exactly 40 minutes to eat lunch, so I couldn't eat. I give the driver his due he managed the tracks very well and was an excellant driver. Bill enjoyed the drive as he loves 4 wheel driving and the places we went to on the tour were absolutely beautiful.

Wanggoolba Creek

Our first stop was at Central station and we went for a walk in the rainforest along Wanggoolba Creek,

we then travelled up the famous 75 mile beach

and viewed the wreck of the cruise ship Maheno

and the coloured sands of the Pinnacles.

We stopped for a swim at Eli Creek followed by a buffet lunch at Eurong Beach Resort. After lunch we drove to Lake McKenzie, a beautiful fresh water lake with chrystal clear water.

Trust Bill to get between two bathing beauties

We finished the tour then and drove to the boat ramp and ferried back to the mainland and dropped at home. We arrived home about 6pm, so I estimated we spent at most 3 hours at the various stops and with the 30 minutes each way ferry trip and the rest was spent bouncing around in the coach. Anyhow I live to tell the tale. We will move on tomorrow probably only as far as Maryborough only about 32kms South and will stay in the showgrounds, we had previously visited Maryborough but unfortunately we didn't take the camera.

Talk again soon

Monday, October 26, 2009

Torbanlea Picnic Races

The Marina near the Boat Club

Hervey Bay Esplanade

Saturday we went to the country races. All the Pomp and ceremony was there, the ladies dressed to the nines in their lovely frocks and high heel shoes and Hats, lots of gentlemen in their suits and ties and the riff raff in shorts and thongs. It included everything even a horse auction and a celebrity race. From there we drove to Toogum for a leisurely lunch at a cafe on the waters edge, then on to Barrum Heads and Dangaragan, both lovely coastal areas with the obligatory beaches and fishing areas. We dined at the boatclub and over coffee watched a demonstration of some Rock N Rollers. Sunday we went to the local markets then visited friends that we met on the way. Firstly Wayne & Leslie and then Ron & Delys. Ron and Delys come from WA from a lovely place called Safety Bay. In the morning Bill went with Rod to the Light Model Aero Club for some flying and I had a cooking lesson with Catherine on Glass Noodle Salad and some other salads, mainly Thai or from Shanghai. Absolutely delicious I know what salad I am taking for Xmas Day.

A little Niche on the Esplanade

I have also been a couple of times with Catherine's walking group doing Pole walking for 5 kmls along the beach. Now don't get excited I said Pole Walking not Pole Dancing. Today we are doing the mundane things like hair cuts and washing etc although we do intend to book a tour over to Fraser Island.

The local Police Patrolling the beach

Talk again soon

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hervey Bay Qld

The Lorikeets in our back yard

We arrived in Hervey Bay on Tuesday and are happily entrenched on a vacant block next to our friend's Rod and Catherine. Hervey Bay is quite a big city, originally made up of several villages which have since joined up to make one. The beaches are divine, the weather great.
One of the 3 jetties in Hervey Bay
They are actually filming here in the bay. They are filming "the Reef", we watched them for awhile last night and the only star I can point out is the guy who played Carl Williams in underbelly. We took some photos so I will add them to this blog later. We visited the supermarket "Aldi's yesterday and they stock some interesting items. and quite cheap too. I also visited patchwork heaven, there is a great patchwork shop here in town called Dew Drop In, they stock some lovely fabrics and bits & pieces. There were some great handbag patterns I very much like. Though truth be told I probably have them already at home. Tomorrow we are joining a local chapter and going to the races. It should be interesting.

Sailing yachts in Hervey Bay

Talk again soon

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bundaberg Qld

Bundaberg Ginger Beer

Bundaberg!!! What can I say about Bundaberg. Well!! we all know what it is famous for. And it did not disappoint. Sunday we did the Touristy bit and did a tour of the Bundaberg Distillery. Afterwards we tried their famous Royal Rum Liqueur. Very nice!! Goes down smoothly with cream a little like Baileys but better. A subtle taste of chocolate, vanilla & coffee .A few bottles made their way home with us. Although I was limited to a few sips as one of us had to be sensible & drive home. We also visited the Bundaberg Gingerbeer factory. I didn't know there were so many different flavours. I selected peach, lemon and Burgundy to take home. The Burgundy is similar to creaming soda. We arrived on Saturday and drove over to Woodgate beach and caught up with Larry & Donette and Doug & Di. We then set up camp near the lions park right at the end of the runway for the airport. Planes flew right over us.

Barfara Beach kids swimming Hole

Monday we drove out to Bargara Beach.

Bargara Beach note the volcanic rocks

The beach is made up of volcanic rocks rather unusual but quite pretty. On the way home we brought some of the local fresh fruit and vegies from the farms. We tasted the most sweetest, tastiest strawberries I have ever had the pleasure to salivate. Rockmelons was the next on the list. We pulled up stumps on Tuesday and are now stationed in Hervey Bay.

Bargara Swimming Beach

Talk again soon

Friday, October 16, 2009

Still in 1770

Sunset in 1770

The weather here is perfect, lovely summer days and glorious breezes so why do I ask? do I get attacked by the sandflies. The evening we arrived I got bitten badly and after a few days succumbed to a visit to the doctor the bites have started an allergic reaction so I was put on a dose of Steroids. I thought they were coming good and I went and got bitten again last night so even paradise has its flaws. We took a trip to Gladstone on Tuesday and also checked out Tannun Sands and Turkey beach.

Pandanis Tree in Gladstone

Marina in Gladstone

Tannun Sands looks like a lovely area to spend some time in, while Turkey Beach looks very much like a fishing village.

Agnes Water Beach

Yesterday we spent the morning watching the kids swimming and riding their boogie boards at Agnes Water Beach. I managed a bit of a paddle but nothing too strenuous. It was a beautiful beach and their were lifeguards in attendance so it was quite safe for everyone to swim.

We have parked in 1770 in a council parking area and we received a move on notice on Tuesday but after a bit of persuasion we were able to stay until tomorrow when we were intending to leave anyhow. They understood that there was nowhere in town that would accommodate a vehicle of our size. So tomorrow we pack up and set off for greener pastures near Bundaberg.

Talk to you soon


Sunday, October 11, 2009



We decided to join a CMCA chapter rally for the weekend and the newest chapter to the club (they were initiated at the Rockhampton Rally and are no 93) The Curtis Coast Wanderers were having a get together at Braeve Heart at Captain's Creek. Braeve Heart is a retreat which started in memory of a boy who had leukemia and it is set up for wheel chair access etc. They were quite a nice group.

We made a grand entrance as we had to swing wide to get into the gate , and there was quite a dip (a Drain) so we bottomed out. The rear of the bus was jammed into the drain and the nose of the trailer was stuck in the dirt. We had to chisel the rock so that we could make a hole for the jockey wheel so that we could jack up the trailer. The levelling jacks didn't work as we were on too much of an angle so we had to keep jacking up the bus & placing blocks underneath before it was able to be moved. All the wires were stripped on the trailer so Dh had to repair them on Saturday. We had a lovely weekend and finished off by going to the markets in 1770.
Talk again soon

Friday, October 9, 2009

1770 Discovery Coast Qld

The campsite at 1770

We left Rockhampton early Monday and stopped for lunch at Miriam Vale and cruised into Seventeen Seventy about lunchtime. We stopped at our son's campsite for a catch up with the grandkids, what a set up they have it looks like the Taj Mahal of tents, overlooking the water surrounded by palm trees, lovely breeze blowing, a beautiful spot.

The view from their campsite

1770 (approx 500kms from Brisbane)is part of the Discovery Coast which includes Miriam Vale, Agnes Water,Lady Musgrove Island, Rosedale, Bororen, Baffles Creek and Rules Beach, turkey Beach and Lowmead and is unique in Australia's history. In 1770 Lieutenant (later Captain) James Cook anchored in Bustard Bay and came ashore at Seventeen Seventy the birthplace of Queensland. Later Captain Mattthew Flinders, Captain Phillip Arthur King on the "Mermaid" and others explored these same waters. Tuesday morning Dh and Trent went out fishing for the day and arrived back at camp with a catch of Red Emperor, Blue Bone, Rass a lovely feed for the camp. Some more of their friends arrived on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday making quite a large campsite.
Sunset at 1770
Wednesday we drove into Deepwater National Park only accessible by 4WD and visited Flat Rock a lovely secluded Beach. Deepwater National Park has long sandy beaches with sand dunes, vine forest, with Banksias, weeping cabbage palms, burdekin plums and rainforest species festooned with vines. There is also wattle, moreton Bay ash and a range of other trees. It is not uncommon to see black cockatoos, brahminy kites, honey eaters emus and kangaroos. We also drove with the family to the Round Hill headland to take in the spectacular views of Bustard Bay and seen where it was presumed Lt James Cook anchored the "Endeavour" on the 24th May 1770. We walked along the headland to some of the viewing platforms and absorbed mother nature at her best
A friendly Kookaburra who the kids love
Talk again soon

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Rocky Horror Show Ball

I don't know I turn my back for a second and he's anybodies!!!!!

Excitement everywhere!!! Maids and Transvestites roaming the room. Everyone rocked the night away with the band the Memphis Movers. Lots of laughter and lots of fun. Today is the last day for the rally everyone is gradually moving out some will leave today but the majority move on tomorrow back to normality enriched with their experience of making new friends and renewing acquaintances. Marj and Andy left yesterday to slowly make their way back to WA we leave tomorrow to go to the coastal township of 1770 to meet up with the grandkids (and their parents of course).

Boys will have fun

The Memphis Movers

I'm cute

Having a good time
Talk again soon

Friday, October 2, 2009

CMCA Rally Rockhampton Qld

An aerial photo of the Rally if you look directly under the o in National and in the second row you will find us.
We left the Caravan Park Monday at 8.15 and drove the 9km the Showgrounds for the CMCA 24th National Rally and it was a smooth drive in. Compared to Whyalla when we were in the lineup for hours it was a real breeze. It probably helped that they started to bring members in on Sunday from the staging areas nearby. We have been treated to seminars and craft workshops, there are buses to take us everywhere on the grounds and over to the shops, and other buses to ferry us to the big shopping centres, there are lots of traders selling their wares, so there is lots of " big Boy Toys", there are tours to just about anywhere in the area and get together's with the other SIG (Special Interest Group to which we are in two. The Big Rigs Clan and the HF Radio Club) and we are entertained every night at the Entertainment centre. The acoustics aren't very good as it is bounced around the tin shed walls but we still enjoyed entertainment from "Little Pattie" A silent movie gig accompanied by the piano, Allstars concerts and yet to come is the ball tomorrow night (the theme being "The Rocky Horror Show") and on Sunday night our new friends Leslie and Wayne will entertain us with their show. We played Disc Bowls today and yesterday. The men did quite well and made the semi finals, we on the other hand fought out for the special plate and were finally eliminated by the Lakelanders 4. I thought we did reasonably well considering their are only six of our members here from our chapter. Tomorrow there is market stalls and the showgrounds is open for the public.

Talk again soon