Friday, October 2, 2009

CMCA Rally Rockhampton Qld

An aerial photo of the Rally if you look directly under the o in National and in the second row you will find us.
We left the Caravan Park Monday at 8.15 and drove the 9km the Showgrounds for the CMCA 24th National Rally and it was a smooth drive in. Compared to Whyalla when we were in the lineup for hours it was a real breeze. It probably helped that they started to bring members in on Sunday from the staging areas nearby. We have been treated to seminars and craft workshops, there are buses to take us everywhere on the grounds and over to the shops, and other buses to ferry us to the big shopping centres, there are lots of traders selling their wares, so there is lots of " big Boy Toys", there are tours to just about anywhere in the area and get together's with the other SIG (Special Interest Group to which we are in two. The Big Rigs Clan and the HF Radio Club) and we are entertained every night at the Entertainment centre. The acoustics aren't very good as it is bounced around the tin shed walls but we still enjoyed entertainment from "Little Pattie" A silent movie gig accompanied by the piano, Allstars concerts and yet to come is the ball tomorrow night (the theme being "The Rocky Horror Show") and on Sunday night our new friends Leslie and Wayne will entertain us with their show. We played Disc Bowls today and yesterday. The men did quite well and made the semi finals, we on the other hand fought out for the special plate and were finally eliminated by the Lakelanders 4. I thought we did reasonably well considering their are only six of our members here from our chapter. Tomorrow there is market stalls and the showgrounds is open for the public.

Talk again soon

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