Friday, October 16, 2009

Still in 1770

Sunset in 1770

The weather here is perfect, lovely summer days and glorious breezes so why do I ask? do I get attacked by the sandflies. The evening we arrived I got bitten badly and after a few days succumbed to a visit to the doctor the bites have started an allergic reaction so I was put on a dose of Steroids. I thought they were coming good and I went and got bitten again last night so even paradise has its flaws. We took a trip to Gladstone on Tuesday and also checked out Tannun Sands and Turkey beach.

Pandanis Tree in Gladstone

Marina in Gladstone

Tannun Sands looks like a lovely area to spend some time in, while Turkey Beach looks very much like a fishing village.

Agnes Water Beach

Yesterday we spent the morning watching the kids swimming and riding their boogie boards at Agnes Water Beach. I managed a bit of a paddle but nothing too strenuous. It was a beautiful beach and their were lifeguards in attendance so it was quite safe for everyone to swim.

We have parked in 1770 in a council parking area and we received a move on notice on Tuesday but after a bit of persuasion we were able to stay until tomorrow when we were intending to leave anyhow. They understood that there was nowhere in town that would accommodate a vehicle of our size. So tomorrow we pack up and set off for greener pastures near Bundaberg.

Talk to you soon



Julia said...

Sounds like the sand flies love you Jan..
Beautiful photos!
It's warming up here at last..
Juolia ♥

Julia said...

Oops! can't even spell my own name.
Julia ♥