Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Leaving Elmore, Vic

Today we leave this beautiful, peaceful little part of this world.  The weather is absolutely fantastic, blue skies and sun shining.  We will travel further south to Lancefield about 100klms away.  We will probably call in for lunch at the bakery in Heathcote.
Last night those that remained from the get together ventured out to the Victoria Hotel in Elmore, there were 20 of us seated for dinner.  As I write this everyone is busy saying goodbye and promising to catch up again further down the track.
Talk again soon

Monday, November 8, 2010


Saturday morning we again ventured off this time to a town called Echuca (pronounced ee-choo-ca) about 50klms from here courtesy of Russell & Hedy who were our elected guides for the day. LOL. Echuca is home port to a flotilla of paddle steamers whose origins revolved around the busy river trade of the late 19th and early 20th centuries

. It used to be a major port for paddle steamers bringing wool and other commodities from inland, to connect with rail transport to Melbourne.

The area near the port is a replica of bygone years and it is like stepping back into time.

 Lovely shops featuring timber, gift items, cafe’s, Bakeries etc stretch along the strip and it is quite enjoyable weaving your way through the maze of wares on offer. I particularly liked the Echuca Chocolate Shop and I definitely can recommend the white chocolate it just melted in my mouth. (Probably slipped on to the hips also) Bill and Russell enjoyed a taste of the Chocolate Port.

 A few doors up there was also a lovely lolly shop and again I lucked out as they had my favourites again being the peanut butter M & M’s, Hedy also discovered some of her childhood lollies reminiscent of her earlier days in Scotland. A little further along I discovered a lovely Patchwork and Quilting Shop and I was able to just soak up the ambience of being surrounded by beautiful fabric and patterns and and...I was in heaven as only a fellow patchworker would understand.

A former house of ill repute
 We enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Wisteria Cafe. It was my birthday and I enjoyed rather a pleasant day shared with good friends. Bill had his birthday on Wednesday. So thank you all for the lovely phone calls and emails etc. We especially thank the Brissie Kids Choir they seem to get better and better every year. It is lovely to be in touch with our wonderful family and friends at this special time. Thank you John, for remembering our anniversary. Enjoy your weekend in Bali, Bill and Brenda. We enjoyed a nice BBQ dinner with the HF Radio Group followed by entertainment on guitar, Murray and later Dawn playing well into the evening followed by an enjoyable breakfast on the Sunday Morning. Most people packed up and left today but a few of us stalwarts are staying on for at least another day, hoping to enjoy a last meal together at the local Hotel.

Talk again soon

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bendigo Vic

Friday we set off with Russell & Hedy to explore Bendigo.  One of the world’s most spectacular gold rushes took place here in the mid-1800’s, giving rise to this magnificent city with its elaborate architecture and lasting monuments.
  It was quite quaint to see that they still feature historical trams in their streets a token of its golden past.
  One of their greatest testimonials from the past is the Sacred Heart Cathedral which reigns proudly overlooking the township from its perch up on the hill. 
 We spent timeless moments basking in the awe of the grand architected  masterpiece that completed this beautifully constructed cathedral. From the intricate leadlighted windows to the magnificent carvings complete with angels overhead to the marble columns and grand paintings you could not help but to admire this magnificent construction.
  We visited the Historical Post Office building which now hosts the Information Centre to get directions to the oldest Australian working pottery of Bendigo Pottery. 
 Here we explored old kilns and buildings and pottery in various stages of completion as well as the lovely finished products displayed beautifully on their shelves. 
 We had a lovely light lunch in the Pottery Cafe before venturing back to Elmore to meet up with everyone for happy hour.  As it was our wedding anniversary we dined that evening at the Railway Hotel in Elmore and enjoyed a delicious meal in this historical hotel.  There are 3 hotels in Elmore, an IGA, Chemist, Bakery, Newsagency and some old wares stores not a lot but lovely to visit and fossick through the different shops, visit the Campaspe Run where you can operate a smithy’s forge, learn about growing wheat and experience interactive displays and murals reflecting the history of the area.  You can also have a ride on the miniature railway, stroll through the museum at the Railway Station or walk along the Campaspe River.  
Talk again soon

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Griffith, Vic

Parked at Willow Park in Griffith
After a couple of lovely days at Griffith catching up with old friends we were again on our way. We didn’t plan on travelling too far so we stopped overnight at the John Oxley Rest Area. No internet service here and limited phone but we still spent a pleasant night although the weather was particularly cold. We finally crossed over the border so we are now in Victoria so that means we have now travelled in every state except Tasmania. We decided earlier we would do Tasmania separately and not with this trip. I have noticed a bit of difference between NSW and Vic they call the rest areas here Power Nap Areas I thought that was quite cute. We intended to stop in Shepparton and go to the SPC factory to their factory Sales and stock up on some goodies but we forgot to factor in that it was Melbourne Cup Day therefore a public holiday in this state so everything was closed. We continued on to Elmore to the Ayson Reserve a day earlier than originally planned for the HF Radio Get together and we travelled over to Shepparton by car yesterday to visit the factory. My girlfriend used to work for SPC and the penny has finally dropped SPC stands for Shepparton Preserving Company. DUH!!! Hi Kris! I know she doesn’t read my blog so she won’t think that I am too dumb. We will be staying here until Monday and we will be busy reacquainting with other HF Radio Club members and joining in the odd morning tea, happy hour and BBQ’s. We also reconnected up with Russell & Hedy with whom we travelled up the centre to Darwin with.  It was wonderful to catch up with them again.

Willow Park, Griffith

Talk again soon