Thursday, November 4, 2010

Griffith, Vic

Parked at Willow Park in Griffith
After a couple of lovely days at Griffith catching up with old friends we were again on our way. We didn’t plan on travelling too far so we stopped overnight at the John Oxley Rest Area. No internet service here and limited phone but we still spent a pleasant night although the weather was particularly cold. We finally crossed over the border so we are now in Victoria so that means we have now travelled in every state except Tasmania. We decided earlier we would do Tasmania separately and not with this trip. I have noticed a bit of difference between NSW and Vic they call the rest areas here Power Nap Areas I thought that was quite cute. We intended to stop in Shepparton and go to the SPC factory to their factory Sales and stock up on some goodies but we forgot to factor in that it was Melbourne Cup Day therefore a public holiday in this state so everything was closed. We continued on to Elmore to the Ayson Reserve a day earlier than originally planned for the HF Radio Get together and we travelled over to Shepparton by car yesterday to visit the factory. My girlfriend used to work for SPC and the penny has finally dropped SPC stands for Shepparton Preserving Company. DUH!!! Hi Kris! I know she doesn’t read my blog so she won’t think that I am too dumb. We will be staying here until Monday and we will be busy reacquainting with other HF Radio Club members and joining in the odd morning tea, happy hour and BBQ’s. We also reconnected up with Russell & Hedy with whom we travelled up the centre to Darwin with.  It was wonderful to catch up with them again.

Willow Park, Griffith

Talk again soon

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