Saturday, October 30, 2010

Be careful of what you wish for

The crops look good over here
Be careful of what you wish for! I announce that with my tongue in my cheek. LOL. Yesterday when we were camped up in “John Oxley Rest Area” west of West Wyalong, my darling husband (DH) sat patiently outside in his chair watching the passing traffic willing for someone to stop and talk to him. (How I wish I took a photo) He must have looked pretty forlorn because about 4pm a truck arrived for the night. Boy could that driver talk, he didn’t leave our motor home until 10pm (he used the excuse to get some water) and we still hadn’t had our tea by then. I think I can safely say that DH had finally met his match. LOL Never mind I guess he must have been very lonely and we did enjoy his company for awhile.

Our camp by the river in Forbes
 We stayed an extra day at Forbes as the fees were at the right price (free) in the Lions Park and caught up with the washing and explored the town before leaving on Friday.

The Forbes Post Office

Forbes Court House

St John's Church

The main street of Forbes
 We met Tony & Ros from Tasmania and they proudly showed off their Motor home, of which he built by himself and he had also implemented a lot of innovative ideas.

A goanna up the tree
 On Friday, we decided to break the journey to Griffith by staying in the rest area (163klms from Forbes) and we also stopped for lunch at Weethalle.

The Royal Hotel Weethalle
 Our pleasant weather changed last night and we were deluged with more wind and rain and we travelled in these conditions until we arrived at Willow Park in Griffith (63klm). This is a designated Rest area for recreation vehicles and Griffith is a certified RV friendly town. After a bit of shopping to stock up on the vitals needed we ventured out to Lake Wyangan where free camping is also allowed for short stays. We were originally going to stay there for a couple of days but due to the rain it looks a bit slippery so we probably won’t risk it. We hope to catch up with a friend of ours tomorrow. I quote from the brochure “The thriving town of Griffith is the regional centre of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area of Western Riverina, an abundant, picturesque oasis in an area which the explorer John Oxley described in 1817 as being ‘uninhabitable and useless to civilised man’.” Today the Riverina is a food bowl and together with the wine grape industry it proves that good wine and food go well together. Citrus Orchards are everywhere and there are at least 40 different grape varieties grown in the area and rice is also irrigated here. In fact they have just had their annual citrus sculpture display. Thousands of oranges are stacked and shaped to form aeroplanes Teapots and anything the mind can conjure up. As usual we missed it again. It would have been worth seeing.

Talk again soon

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