Thursday, October 28, 2010

Forbes, NSW

We left Gungal Tuesday morning and we really didn’t travel far.  We stopped off at Merriwa for morning tea and a short stroll through the town and a chat with a local lasso who, along with her husband run a Cattle Station just north of Cassilis.  We had lunch at Dunedoo, because everyone said they have the best pies. 
 I won’t comment on that. LOL 
The Main Street of Dunedoo
 We spent a couple of hours here, they had a local pub a few stores, a pie shop and newsagency. 

We visited the antique shop, which had a treasure trove of interesting items and the store seemed to continue back for ages.  We spent the night at Brocklehurst just outside of Dubbo in an overnight stopover.  We were still travelling with Maryke and Ted from Victoria.  After a fairly restless sleep (refrigerated trucks shared our camping spot) we continued on to the Dubbo Showgrounds to dispose of some waste.  Halfway there we received a call from Maryke that we still had our TV Aerial up.  It wasn’t until we arrived at the showgrounds that we realised we also still had our towels hanging on the front bumper. And what is unusual they were still there!!!!  Definitely losing the plot, Bill blamed me of course, just because I asked him to unpack the printer so that I could photocopy a patchwork pattern that Maryke had.  He said it put his routine out of wack.  At the showgrounds we caught up again with Gary and Susie (who we parked next to at the Whyalla Rally) and exchanged news and gossip from the intervening 18 months since we saw them last.  We decided to stop for lunch at Tomingley, before continuing on to Parkes. 
Silos outside of Parkes
 There were some beautiful coloured paddocks espied on the way thanks to the weed “Patterson’s Curse”.
  I did manage to photo some but I wasn’t quick enough for the best spots.  As we had all decided to spend the night in a designated Lions camp spot in Forbes by the river, Bill diligently put the spot into the GPS.
Camped at Forbes by the river
  When we arrived in Forbes it took us into the main street and led us to a bridge which was closed (according to the locals it was closed over 12 months ago) a quick decision was made to turn up the next street, nearly cleaning up a lamppost with the trailer at the same time.  We went right and Ted went left, he thought he would beat us to the spot for once because he knew the new bridge was off to the right.  We still beat him as he went to the wrong spot and we managed to find a culvert to cross over the river.  Maryke and I managed to find a lovely Aladdin’s cove of a patchwork shop namely “Nellies” and spent a wonderful hour reconnecting with our creative side.  A meal at the Sport & Recreation Club was next on the Agenda and then this morning we said goodbye to our new friends as we decided to stay another night and explore the town.  We will head off tomorrow towards Griffith and possibly we will stay at Rankin's Springs
Talk again soon

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