Monday, December 19, 2011

The Wedding

Lots of things have happened since I last visited bloggerland.  We have arrived home to the home paddock and have derigged the bus and have temporary put it out to pasture.  Now I only have to find room in the apartment for all the extras I accumulated over the past few years whilst travelling.  The weather blessed my granddaughter as she tied the knot with her partner on Saturday.  It was a beautiful sunny day, a wonderful ceremony and a really nice reception.  I hope that their little family unit will be very happy in the future.  Here are some happy snaps to share with you.

Here we all are before the wedding, Grandparents, parents and siblings.  Yes I am the parrot in the corner.

The Official Wedding Party.
The Bride's siblings and cousins with their partners

Here I am with Benjamin (He loves my hair) when he is not chewing on my necklace!!

Here we are no longer spring chickens (He is not so sure of my hair but he can find me in a crowd)

It was also grandson Shanes birthday he shared his day with his sister!!!
I also better mention that granddaughter graduated from Senior College with distinctions and a few awards.  Good on ya Claire!!