Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Port Smith

Saturday 27th September. We went for a four wheel drive exploration of the area and discovered the lagoon that Portsmith is known for. It is a lovely spot, great for fishing. I can thoroughly recommend the Caravan Park it is lovely and clean and the facilities are very nice. The people are very friendly too. Not many guests at the moment so we had a choice of camping spots. They have a Bird Sanctuary nearby and they care for the orphaned animals. So it is not uncommon to be confronted by kangaroos wandering the park. Don’t worry they are very friendly. On the beach there were lots of birds, namely Pelicans and migratory birds. We watched the Grand Final of the football and seen Hawthorn defeat Geelong. We will probably move on in the morning as we have to be within phone service by Tuesday.

Port Smith or is it Broome?

Friday 26th September. We said our goodbyes to friends we made at the Caravan Park and after a bit of manouvering we left intact to begin the next stage of our trip. We went to the Port to fill up with petrol and after spending a few dollars we were on our way. We arrived at Portsmith about 2 o’clock after travelling on a gravel road 23 kms west off the highway. We booked into the Caravan Park at the reception but when we went to pay for it with our credit card the transaction was declined. Now I won't mention names but someone left the credit card back at the BP in Broome 170kms away and it wasn’t me. “We are not all perfect”. So we had to drive back to Broome to pick up the card and ring the bank and get our funds reinstated. It wasn’t a complete waste of time as we stopped at the Icecreamery in Broome for a icecream & thickshake. They make their own icecream and I had a coconut scoop and a Honey comb crunch scoop- very nice- DH had the thickshake Coconut flavoured. We arrived back about 5.30-6.00pm.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Leaving Broome

Thursday 25th September. Today we are packing up ready to leave Broome early tomorrow morning. Our next destination is Portsmith which is situated on the water 160kms south. Not a big trip but nevertheless we are looking forward to experiencing a new destination. Meanwhile I have loaded some more pictures on to Flikr of Broome. I am not sure if we will have internet coverage where we are going so things may be a bit quiet for a while.Catch you later Jan

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Wedding

Friday morning on 19th Sept we were aboard a SkyWest jet bound for Perth where we will spend a few days for a wedding.
Saturday morning we were on our way for our niece’s wedding which was being held in the Hidden Gardens at Caversham House. Amongst a lovely setting with a beautiful Lawns and gardens and a waterfall for a backdrop they said their nuptials in front of their family and friends. With the groom & Bride’s sons carrying the rings the bride and her attendants arrived in a lovely white limo. And of course she looked absolutely stunning. I am biased I know.The weather was perfect with no hint of rain. Congratulations were wished on the happy couple and photo’s were dutifully taken we all made our way into Perth to the Langley Hotel for the reception. From 6 to late we enjoyed good food, good wine and good company. Touching speeches were well received. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves ,even the little one who finally gave in and went to sleep. I think my brother was pleased that everything went really well, we captured him on camera letting out a big sigh, I can't publish the photo as he would probably never forgive me. Most of the wedding party who stayed over gathered for a leisurely breakfast the next morning. Although I don't think the bridal couple really appreciated "the boy" ringing them early in the morning. Sunday was very wet and windy thank god it wasn’t like that the day before. After a couple of days stay we will fly back to Broome on Tuesday ready to restart our travels.
Talk to you soon all the best Jan
The Little One

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Derby and Barn Hill

Sunday 14th September. Today we drove out to Mango Farm where we indulged in the local produce namely a smoothie and an icecream. Sat under the shade of the mango trees, we purchased some jams and chutneys. They sell everything from Pindan dyed clothing to wines and soaps. Monday we were up and about early for a long drive to Derby 220kms north east of Broome and 2,450kms from Perth. We stopped for a drink at Willaire Roadhouse at arrived in Derby about 9am. We visited the wharf and took a few photos. The water here was very muddy not really attractive at all. The tides in Derby are Australia’s highest, with variations being as much as 11 metres. During the 1990’s barges were used to export lead and Zinc concentrates from the Cadjebut Mine in Fitzroy Crossing. The first Wharf was built in 1894 and the last passenger ship visited in 1973. After a light lunch we visited the famous Boab Prison Tree. The tree is believed to be about 1500 years old. It was used as a staging point for prisoners being walked into Derby in the early days. The prison tree is a registered Aboriginal Site. Near there is Myall’s bore and cattle trough. The first bore in this location was dug in 1910/11 the bore is 322 metres deep. The cattle trough is 120metres long and was built around 1917. The trough could handle 500 bullocks at one time. Flow started to drop off from the bore and the water is now pumped into the trough by a windmill.
Tuesday 16th. We drove out to Barn Hill Station to check out the area. There is a lovely Caravan Park nestled near the water. Lovely and cool as the breezes come straight over the ocean. It boasts its own Bowling Green and they are well known for their Sunday Roasts and BBQ’s. The water looks a bit rough as some of the ladies said they had been tipped over by the waves. We chatted to a few of the residents for awhile then made our way back to Broome.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cape Leveque

There's lots of things to write about this week, I am not sure of where to start. Last Saturday we attended the wedding of Bill & Melva at sunset on the beach. We were ferried to the wedding courtesy of the school bus. After the nuptials were done and dusted we made our way up hill to the Fisherman’s Clubrooms where we were fed Brazilian BBQ and rocked the night away with the jukebox. Those of you who have never had a Brazilian BBQ missed out on a gourmet delight. The meat was marinated and skewered on huge kebab sticks and grilled over a bed of hot coals. Yummo!
Wednesday 10th September we were up early and on a 4 wheel drive bus tour to Cape Leveque for the day. After travelling quite some way on a rough (and I mean rough) dirt road we approached Beagle Bay which is the home of the Nyul Nyul people who are the traditional owners. We stopped for morning tea and enjoyed the pleasant facilities. There is a beautiful church built in 1915 and took 2 years to build and 1 year to decorate. The inside is decorated with mother of pearl shell, cowries, volutes and olive shells. The Alter being a real show piece. Sacred Heart Church is still used for worship today. We all loaded into the bus for our next stop at Ardaloon Hatcheries. This is a farm where the fish is cultured for sale nationwide and even overseas. They also produce trochus shells which are polished and handcrafted into saleable items. In the tanks are Black Nemo fish which were very popular when the movie was current, also Barramundi and Barramundi Cod, a Turtle tank, and one with different types of clams and sea anemones. The bay surrounding the bay was quite picturesque with the now famous beaches and also a great view of the 1,000.00 archipelagos islands. We then made our way to Cape Leveque and forget what I told you about previous beaches this beach is to die for. The colours of the water was indescribable so blue and the sand was whiter than white. The water was pleasant and some of us ventured in for a swim. We were served a lovely meal of cold cuts and salads, fruit kebabs and cold drinks. You can actually stay at Cape Leveque they have huts and tents available for hire. The huts have thatched windows which open out all around looks quite romantic. All the land at this end of the map is owned by the indigenous people with about 50 different tribes in total. After stopping at the local shop for an ice-cream while the driver pumped up the tyres again and a quick photo shoot of the other side of the bay we weaved our way back down for our next stop at Lombadino. This is a beautiful community with about 20 permanent residents. Manicured lawns and lovely trees shaded the town. It boasted a bakery and a general store and a bush church made of unprocessed timber from the bush with a paperback thatched roof. Again this church is still used for worship today. After a guided tour of the community and afternoon tea beak we again loaded into the bus again for the long trip home. Cape Leveque is 201 kms from Broome and over 70 kms is unsealed so you bounce around a bit. We arrived home about 7.30pm I have today uploaded more photos on Flikr see below.
Bye for now Jan

Thursday, September 4, 2008

It was up and at them Tuesday. We drove to Willie Creek Pearl Farm. In case I didn't mention this Broome is well know for their esquisite pearls. I was tempted their was a string of pearls worth about $9,000.00 with my name on but the finance manager put the hand brake on. Just joking I bought a beautiful pearl when I was here last year. They have a lovely showroom with all the pearls on display, a cafe and you can walk to the jetty and view where they have their nets in the water. We then drove up to Barred Creek where their were some more delightful views (see Flikr). On the way there we spied some wild horses they were in beautiful condition about 8 in total. We drove to Quongdong Point where a few people were camping and enjoying the lovely views. Finally we drove up to Prices Point. This was quite rocky but still spectactular. We did a bit of 4 wheel driving, got a bit bogged once. You have to be so careful driving up here the tides come in very quickly. Altogether we drove 197kms up the coast. Yesterday we drove along cable beach. This beach again is well known, you can drive up the beach for kms when the tide is out. The sand is so white, the naked bodies so brown and the water is delightful, the colours vary from pale pale green to almost a navy blue. I will try and get a photo before we leave although I don't think the photos will do it justice, you have to see it to believe it. Well bye for now see you soon


Monday, September 1, 2008

Marilyn M & Bin Drinkin

Dame Edna & Dapper Dan

The red carpet entrance & decorations
Saturday 30th August 2008
Well it finally arrived. The 40th Academy Awards. The 40th birthday of our friend. The reason we travelled 2255kms. The house was decorated exquisitely with white draped curtains, Posters of the stars, Oscars, fairy lights, Chandeliers, the red carpet and all. When you arrived you were greeted by the paparazzi taking photos. As you walked the red carpet, with the flash bulbs going you would swear you were really at the Academy Awards. There was Dolly Parton, Charlie Chaplin, several Audrey Hepburns, a couple of Marilyn Monroes, Dame Edna Everage, Dapper Dan, Harry Potter and even “Bin Drinkin”. There were lots of laughs and a thoroughly good time had by all. “Bin Drinkin” enjoyed the slushies (cocktail machine) I think he thought it was cordial. Marilyn had to drive him home again. Here are the photos I promised