Sunday, November 6, 2011

Merredin & Bruce Rock

It didn't take long before the oval was full of RV vehicles
Another week has slipped by and our time here at Bruce rock is nearly at an end.  I told you earlier to watch this space and by Saturday the grounds were nearly full regardless of the inclement weather.  Our beautiful sunny skies very quickly turned black on Thursday afternoon and the rain came down, it was stated by an old timer as being the heaviest he had seen in the area for over 60 years.  The oval soon became waterlogged and boggy but along the edge of the oval we were high and dry.  The drive in to the oval (in front of us) soon became churned up and a couple of buses ferrying cadets and the band managed to get themselves in a predicament.  The family arrived on Friday and everyone was settle in before the big day on Saturday.  The markets didn't disappoint and it was a very friendly atmosphere in the town especially with a backdrop of the Challenge brass Band and the Kalgoorlie Brass Band performing in the Amphitheatre.  The March went on schedule and it was fascinating to watch the representatives of the various forces and cadets proudly marching through the town accompanied by the pre-vintage jeeps, tanks and army vehicles.  They all  looked very distinguished with all their medals proudly adorned on their chests.  The free BBQ went off without a hitch followed by the evening's entertainment.  The breakfast this morning started a brisk exodus from the grounds and only a few of us stayers remain for the night where we will all congregate around the campfire in the Bard Pit for more great entertainment and camaraderie.  Hang on a moment I almost forgot to tell you- that on Wednesday we drove over to Merredin to my old hometown for a trip down memory lane.  We drove out to our old farm, near Koonadgin to discover that some of our land and surrounding properties have been taken over by great big wind turbines for the Collgar Wind Farm.
 I did manage to take a photo of our old house in town although it has been rather dwarfed by the trees.  We did a tour of the revamped Cummins Theatre and it looks very regal.

  I have fond memories of going to the pictures and rolling the Jaffas down the aisles. I also used to be employed by the owner of the drive-in and the theatre and would have to bank the takings every Monday after the weekend.

  This is a photo of the school where I spent most of my misspent youth, it still looks the same after all this time.

This old water tower has been here for as long as I can remember.

The Prospector had pulled in to give the passengers a break on their way to Perth From Kalgoorlie

The Merredin Railway Station well preserved is now a museum.