Monday, July 29, 2013

Farm Sitting

It doesn’t seem like two weeks ago that I set off in the red jellybean with three chooks in the back, heading towards our farm sit in Mount Barker.  The chooks were relocating to their new home and making the acquaintance of the other four already in residence.
  It is so peaceful here with lovely green undulating hills and the presence of the sheep gathered in the paddocks nearby, surrounding the house. 
  Mount Barker is located 359klms south of Perth via Albany Highway or else approaching from Bunbury via Manjimup and the Muir Highway.  Framed by the spectacular Porongorup and Stirling Ranges, it is just 30 minutes from Denmark and historic Albany and is the gateway to the great Southern. 

Colin and Beryl and their friends Norm & June (also our friends) joined us for a few days and we spent a day enjoying the delights of Denmark and another day in Albany and many daily walks with the animals.
 After enjoying a little retail therapy and a lunch at the Denmark Bakery we meandered out on to the Scotsdale Road to taste some of the lovely wines and produce in the area.  I can highly recommend Denmark’s Farmhouse Cheese and  Ducketts Mill Winery, a true gourmet delight with fudges, frozen yoghurts, salamis, Pates and of course some delicious cheeses.  Topped off with a white port, muscat and red port, truffle pate, deep river blue cheese and some yummy fudges all somehow managed to make the journey back with us.  The owners are lovely and friendly and I can assure you your visit will be very enjoyable.  We visited a couple of little wineries but was most impressed by the Madfish Moscato that was available at the Howard Park & Madfish Wines.  Again, a few bottles slipped into the seat beside us.  West Cape Howe Winery and Galafrey Winery  was on our list on another  day, also the Kendenup General Store do an awesome coffee. 
We availed ourselves of the beautiful Mount Barker Bakery and enjoyed the lambs fry and also “the works” pies and especially the Blueberry Sponge Roll.  This year there is a new face in town….well she is not a new face being a local..but Dot, the new proprietor of Lilly May’s CafĂ© in the   IGA complex is proud to have opened up in town.  Again I highly recommend a visit, she bakes her own pies and cakes and her daily specials are to die for..I have it on good authority that the coffee is top notch and I rather enjoy the hot chocolates too.  She has promised us a special of Lambs Fry and Bacon tomorrow so we are looking forward to it.  I also enjoyed the company of some of the ladies in the Plantagenet Patches Group a couple of times.  Such lovely quilting ladies. 
  A quick one day visit back to Perth for our great grandson Chase’s 1st birthday here he is enjoying his “Smash Cake” 
apparently the cake is purchased purely for him to smash up and enjoy, which he certainly did.
  He is a lovely little boy always laughing and happy, he has indeed brought a great pleasure to our lives along with his cousin Ben.  Only a week and a bit and we will have to head back into the big smoke, away from this pleasant interlude and plan again for our next visit.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas 2012 an New Year 2013


Christmas 2012 is now officially over and we have welcomed in the New Year 2013.  We arrived in Brisbane on the 16th December to share Christmas with our family and it has been wonderful and full of memorable moments.  The kids have grown considerably since we last visited and I must say their manners are impeccable.  Xmas Day was very organised each child sitting patiently waiting to receive their presents handed out by their dad.  Unfortunately Dad had to go to work on Xmas Day but we managed to all share Xmas dinner.  What a feast!  I thought I would share some of those memories with these photos of our stay with you all.
Smiling faces as the kids received their presents

The boxing bag was a big hit

A kiss for the statue for the pool (Fee's present)

A happy Fee unveils her present
A Gingerbread house made by a family friend

Many a releif from the heat was spent here

A Christmas Feast

Our beautiful Queensland Family

The two bundles of mischief (very much loved members of the family)

Our own precious water baby
Our days have been spent swimming in the pool, visits to Baskin and Robins and the Movies with the kids.  We have enjoyed every moment.  Thank you very much Fee and Trent for having us.  We did manage to catch up with a couple of friends also.  Our visit ends on Sunday when we start our journey back to Perth.  We are driving a coach back estimating to take about 5-6 days.  Hopefully the heatwave in WA will be well and truly over by then