Monday, June 11, 2012

Wild Wild Weather in the West

What utter bedlam!  Just came back from the shops and most of the shopping centres are closed and the queue for petrol at the few outlets with power is huge.  In case you were unaware WA has been hit with vast storms and ferocious winds especially along the coast and the South West.  The shops that are open are absolutely packed.  Some areas will be without power for up to a week as the electricity Company tries to deal with the enormity of the problems it has to deal with.  Trees and electricity poles are down and in Mandurah along the foreshore the water is covering the walkways along the estuaries.  The Canal Tour boats have also cancelled all trips today.

Mandurah Foreshore walk way
We spent last week in Carnarvon with friends and Bill managed to get in one day’s fishing.  I will tell you all about it later. 
The new Carnarvon boat ramp underwater
About 3am yesterday the storm hit Carnarvon and we left about 7am.  There was water awash over the road in several places but one benefit was that the wind was behind us all the way pushing us home.  Geraldton was feeling the brunt of the storm as we passed through.  Listening to the radio we heard that the storm had swept through Bunbury and power lines and trees were down and a lot of storm damage was reported.  I think some off the worst spots were Rockingham, Port Kennedy, Baldivis, Mandurah and Bunbury and North of Perth.  Family fared OK with one grandson with damage to his ute.  The wind lifted the tray cover off its hinges and smashed into his back window.  Trees and debris was everywhere on their property and the horses were going wild.  The family were most concerned as one is in the late stages of pregnancy.  Our other son had branches down and a broken window on his house.  We also lost a huge aerial on our property in Bunbury.  Here in our apartment only the outdoor chairs had blown about, I had expected to see them floating in the canal below but we were very lucky indeed.  Luckily no major damage and no injuries were reported.  The winds were reported to be up to 140klms an hour when the worst of it hit.  I predict a major cleanup will be the go for the next few weeks here.  It is still very wild outside but a lot calmer than yesterday.  Our hearts go out to the people with damaged properties and our thanks to the SES, Western Power workers and others who worked tirelessly trying to secure properties and make everything safe again.  You could probably check out more pictures on the West Australian newspaper facebook site or at