Friday, June 26, 2009

Return from the Fishing Trip

This is the photo of the mud crabs that Bill helped catch last week

The happy fisherman

Wow I can't believe it!! Another week has gone by!!!! Bill returned Monday unscathed from his fishing trip, we now have some fresh fish to eat for a few days. We dined out for breakfast at the SkyCity Casino on Wednesdayand enjoyed a beautiful buffet meal overlooking the swimming pool and the bay. Tuesday night we dined at the Humpty Doo Golf Club with the fellows from the fishing trip. It was packed they reduce the price of their oysters on Tuesday, you can order a dozen oysters done any way for about $10 to $12. A very nice and popular place to eat.

A croc near their fishing

Looks quite innocent

We visited the Fannie Bay Gaol and Bill locked me in solitary confinement. Lucky for him he let me out as I hate being in confined spaces. He was not very popular. We went to the Mindil Markets again last night and enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere. They have an Indian Festival there on Saturday night. Lots of curries and Indian dancing all performed with a backdrop of the
sunset over Mindil Beach.

Some of the fish they caught

Tonight we are BBQing with Kylie and Paul at Robbie Robbins Reserve where they are camped. They hail from WA also. Saturday we plan to drive over to Waiget Beach (about 115kms on the Cox Peninsular Road)to visit friends who have purchased a block of land there. It wil be great to catch up with Sherrill and Jan again.
Talk again soon

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fire near the Caravan Park

Well it had to happen sometime. I have been deserted!!! Bill got a better offer. He is off braving the elements, hunting and gathering to put food on the table. He has gone fishing with some old school mates of our son. A great bunch actually, although they get up to no good at times I shudder to think what tricks they will play on each other. They told Bill that as he is the new kid on the block he had to sleep in his swag the closest to the water and to tie his leg to a tree just in case a croc decides to take off with him. Don't worry my freedom won't last long, all going well I should be able to pick him back up Monday. Perhaps a little rougher, a lot smellier but all in one piece and happier to have had the opportunity to go fishing with a great bunch of guys.

Yesterday afternoon black smoke was seen wafting over the horizon and it seemed to get fiercer and stronger. It was in the long grass opposite the Carawan Park and close to the shops. I am not sure if the Fireies were only doing a back burn or if they were just monitoring the situation. It seemed to be getting closer and very fiece. Caused a little bit of entertainment to the patrons in the caravan park.
I was going to show you a photo of the mud crabs Bill helped to catch last Wednesday but he took his camera with him. I hope he takes some great photos while he is away so that I will have something to show you all next time I write. I intend to join some fellow patchworkers and CMCAers this afternoon for a stitch and bitch session. Their menfolk are going to the V8's. I heard on the news that another Tornado has gone through Bunbury in WA. I hope everyone is Ok and the bad weather eases up soon.
Bye for now.
Talk again soon

Monday, June 15, 2009

Dundee Beach, Crab Claw Island NT

Dundee Beach

My brother sort of indicated that it was about time I updated my blog so here goes. I guess I could tell you all about the negative things like I have been bitten again by the sand flies and are sctaching madly or again I could tell you about the humidity and the fact that it is so warm up here, but I won't. I think it is much nicer up here than at home at the moment, I beleive it is very cold in WA and Queensland. Saturday we went out to Dundee Beach about 100kms along the Cox Peninsular road, partly bitumenised and mostly gravel.

Dundee Beach I am standing under this lovely old tree

They were burning off the undergrowth so we travelled through the smoke as well, again we were rewarded by another little piece of unspoilt territory. Dundee Beach is mainly a fishing area and consists mainly of the Dundee Lodge. The sand is soft so boats are towed out and retrieved by a tractor. For $20 this chappie sits in the hotel and tows boats in and out all day. Each trailer is allocated its own number and on returning the boaties hold up their number, he retrieves their trailer and tows then in.

Towing one of the fishing boats in

He towed about 88 boats in last Saturday. We chatted with the locals for awhile then continued back to Crab Claw Island Resort where they were prepaing for a wedding to be held later in the day.

Crab Claw Island Resort

The beach at the resort

The resort looked very nice, consisted of cabins on the beach and a restaurant and also room for the odd caravan or two. On the way home we called into the Berry Springs Nature Park, now this was truly beautiful, junglelike foliage and sweeping grass leading down to the pools below, a small waterfall and clear clear warm water. We didn't take photos here as we intend visiting again and make use of the many BBQs and table settings for a picnic and a swim. Friday night we visited the wharf again for fish & chips and I heard someone calling my name, looked behind and it was Heather and Ian from Bunbury they had ridden their motorbike up to visit their daughter. Sunday we visited the Museum at the Arts council, main feature was the Cyclone Tracey from 1974. Quite interesting. We briefly watched the go-karts finals at the Motorplex. We have the V8 Supercars here this weekend so the caravan park is getting full. Later in the afternoon we went out to Fred's Pass Reserve and visited Lance and Kay from the RatsNest (the name of their Bus) arrived home just in time for another happy hour. Happy Birthday again to Fiona for the 13th.
Talk again soon

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mandorah NT

Looking back at Darwin from the ferry
Friday night saw us at Cullen Bay having a lovely seafood meal with another friend from WA, Lorraine, Bill worked with her when we lived in Perth many moons ago. Saturday we went to the Military museum at East Point. Quite a lot of history here especially when Darwin was bombed in World War 2. We then ventured into town and on to the Esplanade where "Glenti" festival was underway. Glenti is a greek festival, so lots of Greek costumes, dancing and of course the breaking of the plates and food and more food. We chose a selection of Moussaka, (not sure of the spelling), Dolomades, spicy sausages, dips, honey balls, etc. Then we chose a few sweets to take on home. They were delicious.

A little Cutey in his traditional costume at the Glenti festival

As it was a long weekend here for the Queen"s Birthday we again joined Lorraine and ferried over to Mandorah for the day. Not an Island as you can drive about 150kms around to reach the same spot.

Looking across at Darwin from Mandorah

It was quite unspoilt, very natural, lovely clear blue water, to look at, unable to swim in due to the possibilities of Crocodiles or stinging jelly fish. It consists of a hotel, there are other things in the town which is community run but they were not in walking distance. We intend to drive over here later when friends we met in Whyalla turn up namely Sherrill and Jan. They have brought a block of land in the ever growing estate of Wagait Beach. Look forward to seeing them soon. There are about 450 permanent residents living in Wagait Beach and they have their own Shire Council and Community Buildings, Corner Store, Sports Oval and Medical Centre.

Guess who at the Hotel

We spent a pleasant afternoon at the hotel enjoying a prolonged lunch with lovely breezes wafting over the water it was lovely and cool here but very hot in Darwin when we returned. The sea was very choppy on the way back so I think I held on for the 20 minutes it took to get us back to Cullen Bay. We arrived home about 6.30 after another magnificent day in paradise.

The view from the hotel

Talk again soon

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Litchfield National Park

Yesterday we were up early and drove to the litchfield National Park via a sealed road through Batchelor and we returned later in the day using the unsealed Cox Peninsular Road. Our first stop was the pristine rock pool at Buley Rockholes, where some people were swimming. We chose not to swim yet as it was still early in the day.

The Creek at Buley Waterholes

Our next stop was at Florence Falls which was a beautiful waterfall, from there we went to Tolmer Falls which was equally as brilliant we had to walk down 135 steps to reach the pool below.

One of the waterfalls at Florence Falls

Many were swimming here as it was a larger pool.

Jan and Bill at Tolmer Falls

We 4 wheeled drove into the jungle to a collection of stacked rocks which closely resembled ruins it was aptly named the Lost city.

The lost city

We decided we would swim at the Wangi Falls which was our next stop. After a quick coffee we ventured down for a swim but no such luck the water level was high so there was a salt water crocodile risk so it was closed for swimming. This was the piece de la resistant a two lovely waterfalls from high up in the mountain cascaded down to a beautiful water so clear you could see the fish swimming.

Hedy, Russell & Jan at Wangi Falls

The jungle from the boardwalk

We lunched at the Litchfield Cafe and then drove on to the Bamboo tin Mine. A disused mine in the jungle which was only used for about two years due to its remoteness.

The Bamboo Tin Mine

We then drove through Berry Springs on to our way back to the caravan park.
Talk again soon