Thursday, June 4, 2009

Litchfield National Park

Yesterday we were up early and drove to the litchfield National Park via a sealed road through Batchelor and we returned later in the day using the unsealed Cox Peninsular Road. Our first stop was the pristine rock pool at Buley Rockholes, where some people were swimming. We chose not to swim yet as it was still early in the day.

The Creek at Buley Waterholes

Our next stop was at Florence Falls which was a beautiful waterfall, from there we went to Tolmer Falls which was equally as brilliant we had to walk down 135 steps to reach the pool below.

One of the waterfalls at Florence Falls

Many were swimming here as it was a larger pool.

Jan and Bill at Tolmer Falls

We 4 wheeled drove into the jungle to a collection of stacked rocks which closely resembled ruins it was aptly named the Lost city.

The lost city

We decided we would swim at the Wangi Falls which was our next stop. After a quick coffee we ventured down for a swim but no such luck the water level was high so there was a salt water crocodile risk so it was closed for swimming. This was the piece de la resistant a two lovely waterfalls from high up in the mountain cascaded down to a beautiful water so clear you could see the fish swimming.

Hedy, Russell & Jan at Wangi Falls

The jungle from the boardwalk

We lunched at the Litchfield Cafe and then drove on to the Bamboo tin Mine. A disused mine in the jungle which was only used for about two years due to its remoteness.

The Bamboo Tin Mine

We then drove through Berry Springs on to our way back to the caravan park.
Talk again soon

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