Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fire near the Caravan Park

Well it had to happen sometime. I have been deserted!!! Bill got a better offer. He is off braving the elements, hunting and gathering to put food on the table. He has gone fishing with some old school mates of our son. A great bunch actually, although they get up to no good at times I shudder to think what tricks they will play on each other. They told Bill that as he is the new kid on the block he had to sleep in his swag the closest to the water and to tie his leg to a tree just in case a croc decides to take off with him. Don't worry my freedom won't last long, all going well I should be able to pick him back up Monday. Perhaps a little rougher, a lot smellier but all in one piece and happier to have had the opportunity to go fishing with a great bunch of guys.

Yesterday afternoon black smoke was seen wafting over the horizon and it seemed to get fiercer and stronger. It was in the long grass opposite the Carawan Park and close to the shops. I am not sure if the Fireies were only doing a back burn or if they were just monitoring the situation. It seemed to be getting closer and very fiece. Caused a little bit of entertainment to the patrons in the caravan park.
I was going to show you a photo of the mud crabs Bill helped to catch last Wednesday but he took his camera with him. I hope he takes some great photos while he is away so that I will have something to show you all next time I write. I intend to join some fellow patchworkers and CMCAers this afternoon for a stitch and bitch session. Their menfolk are going to the V8's. I heard on the news that another Tornado has gone through Bunbury in WA. I hope everyone is Ok and the bad weather eases up soon.
Bye for now.
Talk again soon

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