Thursday, September 4, 2008

It was up and at them Tuesday. We drove to Willie Creek Pearl Farm. In case I didn't mention this Broome is well know for their esquisite pearls. I was tempted their was a string of pearls worth about $9,000.00 with my name on but the finance manager put the hand brake on. Just joking I bought a beautiful pearl when I was here last year. They have a lovely showroom with all the pearls on display, a cafe and you can walk to the jetty and view where they have their nets in the water. We then drove up to Barred Creek where their were some more delightful views (see Flikr). On the way there we spied some wild horses they were in beautiful condition about 8 in total. We drove to Quongdong Point where a few people were camping and enjoying the lovely views. Finally we drove up to Prices Point. This was quite rocky but still spectactular. We did a bit of 4 wheel driving, got a bit bogged once. You have to be so careful driving up here the tides come in very quickly. Altogether we drove 197kms up the coast. Yesterday we drove along cable beach. This beach again is well known, you can drive up the beach for kms when the tide is out. The sand is so white, the naked bodies so brown and the water is delightful, the colours vary from pale pale green to almost a navy blue. I will try and get a photo before we leave although I don't think the photos will do it justice, you have to see it to believe it. Well bye for now see you soon


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Julia said...

Beautiful photos Jan,
That is so lovely up there..
Still a bit cold down here, but the sun is shinning.
Hugs Julia