Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cape Leveque

There's lots of things to write about this week, I am not sure of where to start. Last Saturday we attended the wedding of Bill & Melva at sunset on the beach. We were ferried to the wedding courtesy of the school bus. After the nuptials were done and dusted we made our way up hill to the Fisherman’s Clubrooms where we were fed Brazilian BBQ and rocked the night away with the jukebox. Those of you who have never had a Brazilian BBQ missed out on a gourmet delight. The meat was marinated and skewered on huge kebab sticks and grilled over a bed of hot coals. Yummo!
Wednesday 10th September we were up early and on a 4 wheel drive bus tour to Cape Leveque for the day. After travelling quite some way on a rough (and I mean rough) dirt road we approached Beagle Bay which is the home of the Nyul Nyul people who are the traditional owners. We stopped for morning tea and enjoyed the pleasant facilities. There is a beautiful church built in 1915 and took 2 years to build and 1 year to decorate. The inside is decorated with mother of pearl shell, cowries, volutes and olive shells. The Alter being a real show piece. Sacred Heart Church is still used for worship today. We all loaded into the bus for our next stop at Ardaloon Hatcheries. This is a farm where the fish is cultured for sale nationwide and even overseas. They also produce trochus shells which are polished and handcrafted into saleable items. In the tanks are Black Nemo fish which were very popular when the movie was current, also Barramundi and Barramundi Cod, a Turtle tank, and one with different types of clams and sea anemones. The bay surrounding the bay was quite picturesque with the now famous beaches and also a great view of the 1,000.00 archipelagos islands. We then made our way to Cape Leveque and forget what I told you about previous beaches this beach is to die for. The colours of the water was indescribable so blue and the sand was whiter than white. The water was pleasant and some of us ventured in for a swim. We were served a lovely meal of cold cuts and salads, fruit kebabs and cold drinks. You can actually stay at Cape Leveque they have huts and tents available for hire. The huts have thatched windows which open out all around looks quite romantic. All the land at this end of the map is owned by the indigenous people with about 50 different tribes in total. After stopping at the local shop for an ice-cream while the driver pumped up the tyres again and a quick photo shoot of the other side of the bay we weaved our way back down for our next stop at Lombadino. This is a beautiful community with about 20 permanent residents. Manicured lawns and lovely trees shaded the town. It boasted a bakery and a general store and a bush church made of unprocessed timber from the bush with a paperback thatched roof. Again this church is still used for worship today. After a guided tour of the community and afternoon tea beak we again loaded into the bus again for the long trip home. Cape Leveque is 201 kms from Broome and over 70 kms is unsealed so you bounce around a bit. We arrived home about 7.30pm I have today uploaded more photos on Flikr see below.
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