Monday, October 25, 2010

Larry's Revenge

Remember when we towed Larry at the Rally, well as they say what comes around goes around.  This is Larry’s revenge!  Pay back time with a vengeance!  Things were going fine everything was packed up and in its place and we were finally leaving.  OMG all hell broke loose!!  Turning around in the yard after the rain turned out to be a big problem!  We had nearly reached the road out when down she went.
She's well and truly bogged

Add some wood and chocks
  Jimny tried to shift her. 
I think I can, I think I can
 No such luck she wasn’t going anywhere.  So we next tried the neighbour’s tractor,
I thought I could, I thought I could!!
 nah! negative! she just dug herself in deeper.
Now the other side is bogged.

The front is now also bogged

  Nothing else left for it but to call in the big guns.
   The excavator from next door, arrived big, tough and mighty strong sauntered across the paddocks
Hook her up to the scoop

The mess left behind

The clean up
A quick lunch and we set on our way.  We hadn't driven too far when we caught up with a Motor Home in front.  Ted and Marissa whom we met a Bulahdelah.  We were able to ask them if someone had picked up an extension cord.  Now here's another story.  When we left Bulahadelah Bill forgot to disconnect his power cord.  Result 3 days later when he wanted to plug in-he discovered all he had left was a three point pin.  Ted and Marissa in their motor home "I feel better now" had picked it up and we were finally reunited with the rest of our cord.  Bill felt better then, because if we hadn't have gotten bogged we would have left earlier and we wouldn't have met up with them, so we wouldn't have retrieved our cord. 

See he's smiling now
We enjoyed Happy Hour with them and we are both parked in a rest area just outside Gungal on the way to Dubbo.
PS I must confess - when I was trying to take photos of the incident I couldn't see out of the viewfinder and I asked Bill what button do I press on the camera.  I won't tell you his reply.  After I had taken a few shots with the other camera he said "Did you remove the LENS COVER?"  You guessed it!!   I think there is too much grey matter between us. LOL
 Talk again soon 

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