Monday, November 8, 2010


Saturday morning we again ventured off this time to a town called Echuca (pronounced ee-choo-ca) about 50klms from here courtesy of Russell & Hedy who were our elected guides for the day. LOL. Echuca is home port to a flotilla of paddle steamers whose origins revolved around the busy river trade of the late 19th and early 20th centuries

. It used to be a major port for paddle steamers bringing wool and other commodities from inland, to connect with rail transport to Melbourne.

The area near the port is a replica of bygone years and it is like stepping back into time.

 Lovely shops featuring timber, gift items, cafe’s, Bakeries etc stretch along the strip and it is quite enjoyable weaving your way through the maze of wares on offer. I particularly liked the Echuca Chocolate Shop and I definitely can recommend the white chocolate it just melted in my mouth. (Probably slipped on to the hips also) Bill and Russell enjoyed a taste of the Chocolate Port.

 A few doors up there was also a lovely lolly shop and again I lucked out as they had my favourites again being the peanut butter M & M’s, Hedy also discovered some of her childhood lollies reminiscent of her earlier days in Scotland. A little further along I discovered a lovely Patchwork and Quilting Shop and I was able to just soak up the ambience of being surrounded by beautiful fabric and patterns and and...I was in heaven as only a fellow patchworker would understand.

A former house of ill repute
 We enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Wisteria Cafe. It was my birthday and I enjoyed rather a pleasant day shared with good friends. Bill had his birthday on Wednesday. So thank you all for the lovely phone calls and emails etc. We especially thank the Brissie Kids Choir they seem to get better and better every year. It is lovely to be in touch with our wonderful family and friends at this special time. Thank you John, for remembering our anniversary. Enjoy your weekend in Bali, Bill and Brenda. We enjoyed a nice BBQ dinner with the HF Radio Group followed by entertainment on guitar, Murray and later Dawn playing well into the evening followed by an enjoyable breakfast on the Sunday Morning. Most people packed up and left today but a few of us stalwarts are staying on for at least another day, hoping to enjoy a last meal together at the local Hotel.

Talk again soon

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