Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fraser Island Qld

The ferry ready to be loaded

We decided to do a tour of Fraser Island while we were here and yesterday was the day. We were picked up at 7.45am and set off by bus to Riverheads where the ferries leave from. On arriving on the Island we boarded a bus to take us on tour for the day. What a nightmare (for me a least) the tour bus is four wheel drive and it is extremely sandy so all day long we were bounced and jolted all over the place and we had the misfortune to be seated at the rear of the coach so we had the backflip as well. We didn't stop for lunch until 1.30pm so by that time my sugar levels were very low, I had a headache, felt very shaky and not so well and we were given exactly 40 minutes to eat lunch, so I couldn't eat. I give the driver his due he managed the tracks very well and was an excellant driver. Bill enjoyed the drive as he loves 4 wheel driving and the places we went to on the tour were absolutely beautiful.

Wanggoolba Creek

Our first stop was at Central station and we went for a walk in the rainforest along Wanggoolba Creek,

we then travelled up the famous 75 mile beach

and viewed the wreck of the cruise ship Maheno

and the coloured sands of the Pinnacles.

We stopped for a swim at Eli Creek followed by a buffet lunch at Eurong Beach Resort. After lunch we drove to Lake McKenzie, a beautiful fresh water lake with chrystal clear water.

Trust Bill to get between two bathing beauties

We finished the tour then and drove to the boat ramp and ferried back to the mainland and dropped at home. We arrived home about 6pm, so I estimated we spent at most 3 hours at the various stops and with the 30 minutes each way ferry trip and the rest was spent bouncing around in the coach. Anyhow I live to tell the tale. We will move on tomorrow probably only as far as Maryborough only about 32kms South and will stay in the showgrounds, we had previously visited Maryborough but unfortunately we didn't take the camera.

Talk again soon

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