Monday, November 2, 2009

Maryborough Qld

We had rather a versatile weekend. We camped at the showgrounds and over the weekend there was a Dog Show on both days, Cross Country Horse events and Radio Controlled Racing Car Races. We made some new friends on Friday night and learnt all about showing Dogs and we spent most of Saturday watching the antics and the preening of the animals. The dogs are treated like royalty with some people spending up to about 8 hours grooming their dogs. I have enclosed a couple of pictures that may interest you.

This was a champion Standard Poodle out from the UK.

I forget what breed this dog is but it sure is cute.

This Lhasa Apso is being groomed by our friend Pam

Sunday morning we watched the radio control cars racing and were they well organised. In the afternoon we took a tour along the Mary River on the Mary.

The Mary coming in to pick up the customers

That proved a very interesting and enjoyable hour.

The Mary River

Maryborough seems to be an older town and there a lots of the old Queenslanders about and I am quite partial to them, I had one in a minute if they didn't require as much maintenence as they do.

One of the newer Queenslanders still nice.

We took the heritage trail around town and we discovered that our trains are made here, so we took a photo of one of our future Perth Trains.

One of TransPerth trains being finished

I wonder how long that will last before it is covered in graffiti. We left this morning on our way inland towards Kingaroy perhaps we will look up Flo to see if she's got the kettle on and the pumpkin scones made. We are spending the night in Kilkivan, a pioneering gold mining town. Only a small town with a few historic buildings but interesting enough. Tonight we may lash out and have tea at the pub, the menu looks ok and it sure beats cooking.

Talk again soon


Jessica Kenney said...

hey nana an ibbo,
sounds like ur havin lots of fun
missing ya both heaps cant wait 2 c u next month. OMG christmas is nxt month hahaha. most of the bricks are up on the house hopefully the house will b at lock up by christmas eeeeeee :-D
ewww chris is currently trying to make me smell his armpits totally disgusting haha
Freddy is getting big now but his head still needs to catch up
hope all is well, cant wait 2 c ya's soon
miss u love u lots

Anonymous said...

train was graffited within 2 hours of service