Friday, November 27, 2009

Toowoomba Qld

Statues in front of a building in Toowoomba which I took as we passed by as the lights changed

Wednesday we were off to Toowoomba for some retail therapy for the day. Had a lovely time in the Grand Central Shopping Centre right in town. Managed to pick up some talking CD books by Bryce Courtney should give us hours of listening when we resume our travels sometime next year.

A few hours of listening here.

Toowoomba was surrounded by smoke so some of the photos we took had a hazy effect.

A hazy view of Toowoomba

We are experiencing extremely high heat here at the moment temperatures are soaring in the high forties. I had a bad experience in target I brought and paid for two new tops but on arriving home I only had one. So my bargains weren't such a bargain after all. On the way home we stopped at the Big Orange and brought a box of Mangos. They are very nice and cheap here too.

Yesterday we ventured into Brisbane and over to Bracken Ridge to catch up with Carol and Graham we had a lovely lunch at the local hotel and drove home the long way. Bill wouldn't listen to me he followed the GPS and we ended up going right through Brisbane in Peak hour traffic around the most weirdest ways I've ever seen. If we went my way we would have gone up Gympie Rd over the Story Bridge onto the Ipswich Motorway and home. We took the scenic route but on the plus side we saw parts of Brisbane we haven't seen before. Although the air was a bit blue. Today was a quiet day attending to medical matters and other incidentals I did manage to cook up a batch of pumpkin scones and they were very nice too. We have to travel to Brissie tomorrow to have the radio looked at apparently we have another cell call number that we shouldn't have.
Talk again soon

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