Monday, October 26, 2009

Torbanlea Picnic Races

The Marina near the Boat Club

Hervey Bay Esplanade

Saturday we went to the country races. All the Pomp and ceremony was there, the ladies dressed to the nines in their lovely frocks and high heel shoes and Hats, lots of gentlemen in their suits and ties and the riff raff in shorts and thongs. It included everything even a horse auction and a celebrity race. From there we drove to Toogum for a leisurely lunch at a cafe on the waters edge, then on to Barrum Heads and Dangaragan, both lovely coastal areas with the obligatory beaches and fishing areas. We dined at the boatclub and over coffee watched a demonstration of some Rock N Rollers. Sunday we went to the local markets then visited friends that we met on the way. Firstly Wayne & Leslie and then Ron & Delys. Ron and Delys come from WA from a lovely place called Safety Bay. In the morning Bill went with Rod to the Light Model Aero Club for some flying and I had a cooking lesson with Catherine on Glass Noodle Salad and some other salads, mainly Thai or from Shanghai. Absolutely delicious I know what salad I am taking for Xmas Day.

A little Niche on the Esplanade

I have also been a couple of times with Catherine's walking group doing Pole walking for 5 kmls along the beach. Now don't get excited I said Pole Walking not Pole Dancing. Today we are doing the mundane things like hair cuts and washing etc although we do intend to book a tour over to Fraser Island.

The local Police Patrolling the beach

Talk again soon

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