Friday, October 9, 2009

1770 Discovery Coast Qld

The campsite at 1770

We left Rockhampton early Monday and stopped for lunch at Miriam Vale and cruised into Seventeen Seventy about lunchtime. We stopped at our son's campsite for a catch up with the grandkids, what a set up they have it looks like the Taj Mahal of tents, overlooking the water surrounded by palm trees, lovely breeze blowing, a beautiful spot.

The view from their campsite

1770 (approx 500kms from Brisbane)is part of the Discovery Coast which includes Miriam Vale, Agnes Water,Lady Musgrove Island, Rosedale, Bororen, Baffles Creek and Rules Beach, turkey Beach and Lowmead and is unique in Australia's history. In 1770 Lieutenant (later Captain) James Cook anchored in Bustard Bay and came ashore at Seventeen Seventy the birthplace of Queensland. Later Captain Mattthew Flinders, Captain Phillip Arthur King on the "Mermaid" and others explored these same waters. Tuesday morning Dh and Trent went out fishing for the day and arrived back at camp with a catch of Red Emperor, Blue Bone, Rass a lovely feed for the camp. Some more of their friends arrived on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday making quite a large campsite.
Sunset at 1770
Wednesday we drove into Deepwater National Park only accessible by 4WD and visited Flat Rock a lovely secluded Beach. Deepwater National Park has long sandy beaches with sand dunes, vine forest, with Banksias, weeping cabbage palms, burdekin plums and rainforest species festooned with vines. There is also wattle, moreton Bay ash and a range of other trees. It is not uncommon to see black cockatoos, brahminy kites, honey eaters emus and kangaroos. We also drove with the family to the Round Hill headland to take in the spectacular views of Bustard Bay and seen where it was presumed Lt James Cook anchored the "Endeavour" on the 24th May 1770. We walked along the headland to some of the viewing platforms and absorbed mother nature at her best
A friendly Kookaburra who the kids love
Talk again soon

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