Sunday, October 11, 2009



We decided to join a CMCA chapter rally for the weekend and the newest chapter to the club (they were initiated at the Rockhampton Rally and are no 93) The Curtis Coast Wanderers were having a get together at Braeve Heart at Captain's Creek. Braeve Heart is a retreat which started in memory of a boy who had leukemia and it is set up for wheel chair access etc. They were quite a nice group.

We made a grand entrance as we had to swing wide to get into the gate , and there was quite a dip (a Drain) so we bottomed out. The rear of the bus was jammed into the drain and the nose of the trailer was stuck in the dirt. We had to chisel the rock so that we could make a hole for the jockey wheel so that we could jack up the trailer. The levelling jacks didn't work as we were on too much of an angle so we had to keep jacking up the bus & placing blocks underneath before it was able to be moved. All the wires were stripped on the trailer so Dh had to repair them on Saturday. We had a lovely weekend and finished off by going to the markets in 1770.
Talk again soon

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