Sunday, June 26, 2011

Holdfast Shores and Hahndorf

Holdfast Shores Marina
HMAS Majestic Replica and Restaurant
Beach at Holdfast shores
We have been quite busy this week; with a return trip back up to Hahndorf and a drive over to Holdfast Bay at Glenelg.  We did return to Hahndorf and I did try the hot chocolate at Chocolate @ No 5 and believe me it was very delicious as well as the food we consumed at Otto’s Bakery next door.  We spent a couple of hours wandering through the village and into various museums.  Holdfast Bay is a very modern shopping and Restaurant overlooking the beach and overshadowed by a modern high rise luxury apartment building.  This was very similar to some of the Marina’s at home.  HMAS Buffalo Majestic a replica and restaurant is nestled on the water near lush green parks and walkways.  Of course there are still lots of things to see and do. 
 Chocolate @ No 5 in Hahndorf
 German Arms Hotel Hahndorf
Main Street in Hahndorf
A Motel in Hahndorf
A restaurant in Hahndorf
Found this old washing machine in a museum in Hahndorf could you imagine doing your weekly washing like this?
 We also had a nice dinner and get to know you evening with my cousin Maxine and her husband John in a local hotel.  Also unfortunately my Uncle Fred passed away on Friday and the funeral will be held on Wednesday at Port Broughton, we will be attending of course.  There is now only one sibling remaining in my father's family my Aunty Joyce is the last one left out of 13 children.

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