Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More on The Burra Trail

As I promised there is a lot to see in Burra so here are the first lot of the photos, I'll try not to bore you too much.  The historical township of Burra was made famous through the finding of copper in 1845.  By 1850 Burra had one of the world's biggest copper mines.  It is now proclaimed a State Heritage Area.  Now more of the Burra trail.
This photo is of the Town Hall, since its reconstruction in 1874 when it incorporated the Council Chamber it also served as a lecture theatre, cinema and library.
Inside the town hall in what appears to be a boardroom I found a quilt hanging.  It was made by the Burra Quilters for their jubilee.

This is a closeup of the quilt, although it is not a verty clear photo due to the quilt being preserved behins a glass frame.

I also found this old projector among all the artefacts.
I also spied this serving wench on the stage.
Adjacent to the Town Hall is the Kooringa Telegraph Station built in 1861 now houses an Art Gallery.

Next is the St Joseph's Catholic Church, which was built by the Jesuits of Sevenhill in 1874.
And there is more......St Mary's Anglican Church 1879 The fine acoustics of this Church compliment the 1905 Dodd Pipe Organ, considered one of the best in Australia.  They also had some exquisite stained glass windows.

 Peacocks Chimney is a reconstruction of the original for Peacock's Winding Enginehouse built in 1857.  It was resited in 1971

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