Sunday, July 3, 2011


Inside Adelaide Train Station
One outstanding day during our stay here in St Kilda and as transport is free to us seniors we took full advantage and caught a train from Salisbury Station into Adelaide city.  On our arrival in the city we were lucky enough to board a tram destined for Moseley Square in Glenelg from right out front of the Adelaide Train Station. 
The Tram to Glenelg a more modern one than those at the Tram Museum
 So we were both able to sit back, relax and enjoy the interchangeable view through the windows of the Train and Tram. 
Jetty Rd Glenelg looking towards the tram stop
Naturally the first place we headed for in jetty Road, Glenelg was to Bracegirdles Chocolate Shop for another of their delicious Hot Belgian Chocolates and then down to the beach to stroll along the Jetty in front of the Stamford Grand Hotel.
The Stamford grand Hotel
This majestic regal hotel stands prominently adjacent to the beach proudly merging into the surrounds as if it has always been there. 
The Historic Glenelg Town Hall
 A bit further up and on the left is the Historic Glenelg Town Hall now reutilised into the local information centre. 
The Memorial at the beach
Glenelg is where early settlers came ashore in 1836 to survey and establish Adelaide.  The Old Gum Tree still stands at the site where the colony’s first government was proclaimed. 
Glenelg Beach
 Early afternoon we again boarded the Tram for our return journey back into Adelaide City.  Alongside the Adelaide Railway Station is the Adelaide Casino, well worth a look even if like us and don’t gamble.  The Casino has lots of eateries, bars and coffee bars, on hand to replenish the thirst of even the most persistent punters or for a quiet rendezvous with some friends.  After a delightful visit here we made our way to the station and on to the Train to return to our car which was patiently waiting for us at the shopping centre in Salisbury.

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