Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wallaroo and Port Broughton

Town Hall or Soldiers Memorial Wallaroo
We arrived in Port Broughton today and parked at the Boat ramp right in town.  Have managed to speak to a few people in town whom I am related to. It seems that there isn't many that I am not related to in some way.  I am on a mission and am determined to resurrect my ancestry.
Prince Edward Hotel in Wallaroo
Yesterday while we were in Wallaroo we visited the Nautical Museum for a poke around in the town's history.  Found a reference to our friends Merv and Irene from WA.  His father was one of the oldest residents in town but we can better that.  There is a street named after our family name.  It was very interesting and a good place to visit.
This old cash register was in the museum now isn't it a beauty
This tower marks the Museum
The Smelter Chimney all that is left of these works
Wallaroo Station now used as the Council Offices and Library there are no trains running these days.

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