Thursday, July 14, 2011

Telowie Gorge

A seagull perched on part of what appears to be a bridge
Yesterday we headed into Port Pirie, about 25klms away to do some much needed shopping. 
The Smelter near the Port
 We explored a little and had lunch at Barnacle Bill’s seafood Restaurant. 
The Port and the jetty in the background
 On our return we decided to go into Telowie Gorge about 8klms off the main Road.  We decided to do the 1.6klm walk into the gorge. 
The creek running through the Gorge
Now I always think that there is nothing more pleasant and peaceful than wandering in the Australian Bush especially after the rain. 
The path through the bush
 The melodic sounds of the creek cascading over the rocks sounded like a muted concerto in the distance.  The birds are chirping, the light glistening on the leaves of the shrubs all added to the experience. 
The sides of the gorge
 Inside the gorge we followed the creek along a narrow and sometimes difficult track to be taken to a special place where you could just admire the beautiful rock formations and vegetation. 
See I do have other coloured jackets!!
 Telowie Gorge conserves a significant portion of the Southern Flinders Ranges.  Telowie Creek has cut this gorge through the ranges.  Today the weather was a little sunnier but still slightly cold.   

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