Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day

Not a lot has been happening in the last few days.  Sunday we joined the family for a lovely cooked Brekkie and afterwards DIL Fiona and I went to the movies at Capalaba and went to see Valentine's Day.  It was a typical chick flick but I rather enjoyed it and managed to have a good Laugh.
The weather has been quite different the last few days, yesterday it was so humid I felt that I was constantly bathed in perspiration all day.  Now last night and today it has been raining in fact quite a few places in Brisbane are flooded.  We are lucky we are on high ground otherwise we might float away. LOL.  Thursday we will move out of this park for a week as part of the deal in staying here is that you stay a month then moved out for a week and so on.  The caravan park is quite close just down the road in Tingapala, I think that how its spelt. Monday we are taking the bus into Brisbane so that we can have the hinges on the bins underneath repaired and on Wednesday we are having the gearbox serviced. She should be OK for a couple of more klms hopefully.
Talk again soon

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Lurline said...

Just having a little think about you both there a little while earlier tonight - then you bob up! Had a lovely day at WAQA today then a pop-in to Ikea - glad you are both fine!
Hugs - Lurline♥