Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hi everyone, just a quick update to what's been happening in our world. The Trailer is almost finished. The bus is being serviced and we are nearly ready to rock 'n' roll. Had a lovely sewing day out with some wonderful friends yesterday. I am going to miss them all while I am away. After great pressure from a few we won't mention I have enclosed a photo of my crochet items, there are 3 rugs on the left is a shell pattern rug and on the right a tartan rug done in eagles colours,(although I shouldn't really admit to being a fan at the moment) The blue rug in front we have nicknamed the Lumpy rug. It has lots of texture which is what I wanted to put on the end of my bed. The hexagons are a new project, since this photo I have done 24 and I should start putting them together. I am also going to do the Babette blanket which is hugely popular at the moment. Well bye for now hope to have some more news soon.

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Julia said...

Hi Jan,
A posting at last!
I love the blue rug, the hexagons look great, and as for the eagles rug, well we do have to keep up the support...they are trying!
We shall miss you too, if only you had joined us months and months ago, the fun we have missed out on!.
We still have you for a couple of weeks, but we'll catch up when you get back.
Hugs Julia