Friday, July 25, 2008

Bills 60th Birthday in USA

Bill in restaurant in Houston

Bill's birthday coincided with our visit to the USA. On his birthday he arrived at breakfast to a room full of women to the tune of Happy Birthday Mr President. It made his day. That night the 7 plus 1 all went out to dinner in Houston to a German Restaurant because Bill fancied a Pork Knuckle. Now the meals over there are HUGE and I mean HUGE. This is the meal he was served for his 60th. I mean where is the rest of the beast? These photos are courtesy of my friend Lurline, the one who has a friend who is a fashion designer etc etc LOL. We had a fabulous night.


Donna said...

Found your blog through Lurline. She's such a sweetie. You commented on how HUGE the portions are in Texas. Well, I am a native Texan(unfortunately now transplanted in Ohio)and it's true that everything is bigger in Texas.(Especially the quilt shows, huh?? Do you girls come for the show every year or just for that special trip?

Julia said...

Great photo of Bill....and only one tiny candle!

Lurline's Place said...

Glad you enjoyed the singing, Bill - food was good,too - what great times!