Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Crochet Hexagons

I have been busy doing my hexagons. I purchased some wool embroidery thread and it is so dainty & tiny that it is growing quite nicely. Since this picture was taken the little hexagons have doubled in size. This is the company I keep. Honestly I don't know what they will get up to next. Love the gear.

We went to see the Dark Knight today and it was truly a great movie. It lives up to all its expectations. Heath Ledger was great.
Bye for Now


Julia said...

Oh my gosh!
your lady friend is stunning, tell Bill he looks lovely in the hat, I won't mention the rest of the gear!

Your hexagons are looking great!
Hugs Julia

Lurline's Place said...

Thank goodness some of your friends have CLASS!
Hexagons are looking really great.
Quity hugs - Lurline.