Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dalwallinu & Mt Magnet

Our first stop today was Dalwallinu for lunch. Dalwallinu is about 321kms from Perth. It is a wheat and sheep area, A lovely town, it has been improved since our last visit. Here is a phot of Bill having lunch at our “Patio”. We had a walk around town, visited the local craft shop and picked up a magazine. We travelled then until we reached Mt Gibson and stopped for afternoon tea. Mt Gibson is 85km NE of Wubin or 68km SW of Paynes find. After a quick cuppa and a slice courtesy of Beryl {thanks heap it was delicious) we kept winding our way to Mt Magnet arriving about 5pm.
We camped on a truckies area near the BP garage snd set up for the night. We wandered around town taking photos and taking in the scenery. Mt Magnet is a mining town but it is quite quirky. Note the Pick Axe Store and the Cinema. We travelled 435km today and are now 637kms from home.


Lurline's Place said...

Glad to hear you are happily on your way - have fun and stay safe.
Hugs - Lurline.

Julia said...

Wow! Jan,
what fun you two are having, so good to see you're on your way, and everything is going well.
Love the photos, keep them coming!
My scarf is now 38" long!
Hugs Julia