Thursday, August 21, 2008

PARDOO Station

We have been off the air for a few days no phone or internet coverage. However we are back now.
Monday. Nothing much happened today, the weather was very windy just a bit of veging out crocheting and reading. We walked down the beach in the late afternoon and had a feed of fresh oysters straight off the rocks. We set off for Pardoo Station where we plan to spend the next couple of nights. We travelled for 500 odd kms north. Pardoo Station is about 10kms off the main Port Hedland to Broome Rd. The Northwest of Western Australia is quite remote with towns several hundred kilometres apart. Sometimes you don’t see any signs of inhabitation. If you take the time to go off the beaten track you are rewarded with some of the most beautiful beaches you couldn’t believe. We have met a lot of people from our hometown up here. It is amazing that in the middle of nowhere hundreds of kms from home you can meet people originating from the same area. We explored the station and checked out some of the beaches and creeks. You have to be careful where you drive on the beach because the tide comes in very quickly and you may be stranded. A couple fishing on the beach caught a small shark and on one line 2 blue salmon. It is a working station of half a million acres that they incorporate a caravan Park near the main homestead. Pardoo stretches approx 80km along the coastline and includes tidal creeks and small islands off the coast. Pardoo consists of mostly very flat, grassy plains and numerous species of Spinifex. Soft Spinifex being looked upon as the best drought-resisting feed for stock. Pardoo in early times ran sheep plus a small mob of breeding mares. Camels were used in the running of the station. Now Pardoo is a cattle station running mainly Santa Gertrudis cattle. There are approx 6000 cattle on the station at the moment. The days are quite pleasant with the nights a little chilly. There is a fire pit where everyone gathers in the evenings. We leave tomorrow to travel north probably bush camping on Roebuck Plains. Talk to you soon Jan

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Lurline's Place said...

Hi Jan and Bill,
Thanks for your good wishes - I have posted a sort-of update today. I am really feeling so well, I can't believe it!
Your trip is sounding fabulous - I just wish a lot of Americans were following your journey as it would all be pretty amazing to them - I will encourage them to do so. Even a lot of Aussies would find it fascinating if they have never been in remote areas.
Hugs - Lurline.