Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bees and Fortescue River

Sunday 17th August 2008
Well we have been here a week and we are not divorced. That’s a plus I think. Today I will tell you a little story. There are bees that make their home underground. They only come above ground at this time of the year and for only about 3 weeks. Only when these blue flowers are out. Which are shown in the photo. The bees are an inch long and half of an inch thick and they do everything extremely fast. They fly straight into the holes in the ground. So fast it is impossible to take a photo.
We went for a drive about 53km South to the Mouth of the Fortescue River. (Check out photos on Flikr)
There is quite a bit of mining going on around there, mainly iron ore. The mine has only recently started and eventually they will pipe it out to sea and load the ship at sea. The only way they can load it on to ships is in a slurry form.

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