Sunday, August 24, 2008

Broome at last

Friday 22nd – Monday 25th August
We spent the night 35km outside of Broome near the Roebuck Roadhouse. After a leisurely breakfast we slowly made our way to the Caravan Park in Broome which will be our home for the next five weeks. What a drama!! We had to unload Jimny to tow the trailer into the most western part of the park in the corner near the fence. Then we had to drive the bus into its home. While we were attempting this feat our friends Bob & Dtwana arrived and parked adjacent to us. Nothing much happened for the first couple of days we went to the markets and had Mango smoothies (twice) I bought some lovely hand painted items. Tropical colours & flowers. Broome is a tropical area, known for its pearling industry. I purchased a beautiful pearl during our last visit last year. Broome is surrounded by the most beautiful beaches. White, white sands and blue, blue waters. We actually drove up the beach this morning, you are allowed to drive on the beaches as long as you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle and drive carefully. It was breathtaking!! Amongst the white beach are beautiful bronzed and sculpted bodies soaking up the sun. We forgot the camera this morning but I promise we will take photos soon.
Bye for now Jan

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Lurline's Place said...

Good to hear you are in Broome - sounds gorgeous! Still cold here.
I'm fine now, but having lots of problems with Mum - she is still in Rockingham hospital and hopefully will be transferred to Coolibah Nursing Home/Mandurah on Thursday. Desperately need to get permanent care for her and I think it will be very difficult.
Hopefully off to Phuket early Friday morning - so looking forward to it!
I should be writing emails, but this is an easier way to catch up, so hope that is okay.
Stay safe - have fun - Lurline.