Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On our Way

A sleeping cocky at New Norcia

Camped for the night at New Norcia
Well we are finally on our way. Jimny is loaded on and we left about 12.30. Met SIL on side of road near Midland. She had been baking and gave us a slice for afternoon tea. Had a stop at Gingers Roadhouse, Upper Swan to enable a friend to finish setting up our radio. We travelled through some beautiful countryside and arrived in New Norcia about 4.30pm. We stayed behind the Monastry near the oval, We wandered around the town and met some other travellers. Marie & Bob have travelled over from South Australia. The Monastry is home to a community of Benedictine Monks since the first missionaries arrived from spain in 1846. Today New Norcia continues to be a living expression of 1500 years of monastic hospitality. There are a lot of lovely art galleries and architecture and natural environments to look at. Well worth a visit. We ended up eating our slice for supper. Yummy thanks Beryl. We were in bed by 7pm.

Jimny is in- we are on our way

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