Sunday, March 8, 2009

Up up and away

What a difference a day makes! I had a lovely day Friday catching up with two of my most dearest friends and a little bit of retail therapy. Just looking but gee it was nice. Dare I say it. The bus is out of the workshop and is actually home!!!!! We picked her up yesterday and drove her here. She went like a dream. We are busily trying to load her ready for the next big trip. Tomorrow she is going down South so that the trailer will be transformed to match the bus and hopefully if all is done we can head off into the sunset Wednesday. Maybe just maybe I will get another outing with the girls at Julia's on Tuesday. Fingers crossed!! There may be a few tears shed then as I have to part with my car. I have come attached to her over the years and it will be like losing a best friend. On a good note it is going to a new home and I know she will be well looked after. Talking about trips. I went off at top speed yesterday for a walk down town to check out my lovely granddaughters ball gown, tripped on a bit of paving went flying in the air and landed smack face down on the paving, sunnies, phone and handbag went flying. I landed on my hand first which is bruised and sore then my boob took most of the impact and then cracked my head. Not too badly damaged but I seemed to have jarred a few things and have some quite sore spots. My son said suck it up princess and I didn't get much sympathy from DH either. He was sorry he wasn't with me some that he could video it. Some lovely people helped me up and yes the dress was worth it she will look absolutely stunning. They have promised to send me photos. Well must go as I am supposed to be loading the bus. Talk again soon


Lurline said...

Glad to hear the good news and the bad news - how bad is Bill,and I thought he loved you soooo much...
Hope to see you Tuesday - if not - well, it will save that sinking feeling again!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Julia said...

So, you may be off on the trip hope you can make it Tuesday..the girls would love to see you before you go!..