Saturday, March 21, 2009

Esperance to Ceduna

Thursday 19th March 2009 We left Esperance this morning at about 10 and drove to Norseman through Gibson and Salmon Gums. We lunched in Norseman and drove onto Balladonia, Caiguna and stopped for the night at the Jillbunya Rockhole which was 44km West of Cocklebiddy and 21km East of Caiguna. There were several others also camped at this spot. A total of 595kms travelled today.
Friday 20th March 2009 After a lovely night’s sleep we left about 8am, the weather was very overcast and quite warm we drove through Cocklebiddy, Madura, Eucla and reached Bordertown at midday. There was mobile phone reception at the main towns only. Our next stop was Mundrabilla where we refuelled. Quite a pleasant day, I played the IPod through the stereo and crocheted most of the way with the stew cooking away in the Crockpot. I found that I can load on over 500 tunes on my IPod and don’t have to change discs every couple of kms. The downside is I have songs which I have borrowed of the boys and you get a little tired of listening to AC/DC, The Angels and Cold chisel with a little bit of Pink thrown in and also Living End. So far we have played 194 songs of 544. We stayed overnight in the Nundroo East Rest Area which is 69km west of Penong and 10km East of Nundroo. We sat outside and devoured our stew and enjoyed the bush. We lit a small campfire and sat beside this until quite late. It was very stormy during the night, thunder and lightning but not much rain and it was very hot. 784kms travelled today. We also had to put our clocks forward 1 ½ hours to South Australian time.
Saturday 21st March 2009 We headed into Ceduna which was about 141kms away. We are planning to stay here a couple of days. Fellow members of CMCA (Campervan and Motor Home Club of Australia) joined us for lunch at the local Hotel and showed us the sites. Marlene and Jack have spent their youth in Ceduna so it was very interesting getting a firsthand tour of the town. Jack affectionly called Marlene channel Seven. I hope to have photos tomorrow as we explore some more of the town. The Airport Caravan Park is very nice we were able to drive straight into the site without disconnecting the trailer (and I didn’t have to guide his lordship into the spot) a rare thing when you have a BigRig. They also discount for CMCA Members so another plus for us. $20 a night which is very cheap. Also the meals are quite inexpensive here as like all Eastern State towns they have the Poker Machines to subsidise the meals. Another bonus for those that don’t gamble. Talk again soon

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Lurline said...

Going through my emails and thought I'd pop over to see you - pleased all is going well - guess what, it is lovely and cool here! Byron is watching tele while I'm on the computer, all the others are still in bed! Off to Prue's on Tuesday - stay safe - love to you both - Lurline♥