Monday, March 9, 2009

Another little Drama

Hi everyone,

Woke up today to a lovely sunny day then all hell broke loose. We loaded the bus all day yesterday and exhausted we retired to bed. This morning DH went out to take the bus down south for the Trailer paint Job No Keys!!!!! Two weekends ago he lost his wallet, another drama, luckily some honest person handed it in. Anyway we searched high & low all through the house and garage and the bus. No keys!!!! Dh rings the RAC and organises them to come and try to get started or something. Now that everything is in a hell of a mess he remembers hearing something drop out of his pocket when he was in the toilet. Yes you guessed it they were there. Any way to cut a long story short he left admittedly a hour or so late but he was finally on his way and I could get on with my day. Honestly he'd lose his head if it wasn't screwed on its very lucky that I soooo love him. Anyway you may have guessed how stressed we are at the moment. Things are certainly a tad tense. Can't wait to finally get on our way and relax. I have decided to take my 1930's fabric with me for a project to do while I am away. I may go for a simple design such as a dresden plate on a white background. I have packed my Electric Quilt program so I may have some fun doing quilts on there with out actually making a quilt. Sort of a claytons quilt. Anyway we are still very much on track for leaving Wednesday. I feel a little better today not so sore and sorry for myself. Now I better clean this mess up.

Talk again soon


Julia said...

Oh Jan, just one drama after another...
So glad your feeling better and hope to see you tomorrow before you and Bill head off..
No more dramas need to get going on your trip!
Hugs Julia ♥

Lurline said...

Silly Billy! - don't get cranky with him - he loves you soooo much - you can tell by the look in his eyes!
Hugs - lurline♥